Chad Bascombe
Chad Bascombe

Top 5 Ways to Host the Best Election Watch Party Ever

As voters flood into crowded polling places, are you looking for Election Night watch party ideas to get the same turnout for your own final campaign rally? Look no further!


The Second Presidential Debate in Haikus

The most creative recap of last night's debate, all in haikus (??).

2nd Presidential Debate: Live Blog, Live Stream *Live Haikus!*

Who won the debate? Why watch the whole thing when you can read their policy positions in haiku form?

Arizona Senate Debate: Who Won Arizona Senate Debate, Carmona vs Flake

Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona faced off in their second debate for U.S. Senate in Arizona on Monday night.

Sunday News Roundup: Stephen Colbert, Martha Raddatz and Buzz Bissinger Lead Strong Lineup

Stephen Colbert visited Meet the Press, Bissinger visited CNN, Martha Raddatz contributed to a debate panel and Univision's Al Punto covered news from across the hemisphere.

Martha Raddatz on ABC This Week Interview, and the Sunday Political Shows Rundown

Stephen Colbert visited Meet the Press, Bissinger visited CNN, Martha Raddatz contributed to a debate panel and Univision's Al Punto covered news from across the hemisphere.

Jerry Sandusky Sentence: Penn State Students and Civic Institutions Face Turning Point

Although serial child abuser Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday, students, journalists and advocates are among the groups facing challenges in remaking the civic culture of Penn State.

TMobile, MetroPCS Merger and FreedomPop Free Internet Plans Highlight New Era of Consumer Choice

T-Mobile's merger with prepaid carrier MetroPCS, along with new company FreedomPop's standalone "free mobile data plan" could signal brighter days ahead for mobile phone and internet consumers.

TV News Search and Borrow: The Newest Technology That Could Transform Internet Media

The Internet Archive's new tool "TV News Search and Borrow" lets users search Closed Captioning transcripts creating opportunities for politicos and ordinary users alike.

NBC Neglected the Paralympics 2012: No Wonder America Finished 6th in Medals, Behind China and Russia

Millions of Britons (and Jay-Z and Rihanna and Coldplay) turned out for the Paralympic Games in London, but NBC's half-hearted coverage raised more questions than it answered.

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite Show Amazon is at War with Apple iPad Mini

Amazon's new Kindle Fire, a Justice Department settlement, and an aggressive pricing strategy suggest the company is not content to simply make a great tablet. It wants to dominate Apple.


Condoleezza Rice RNC Speech and Mia Love Address: Republicans Do Not Appeal to African Americans

A closer look at the Republicans' Black Convention speakers reveals the challenges they face garnering support among African Americans.

Illinois Facebook Law Bans Employers From Violating Your Privacy

Illinois "Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act" protects many workers from being forced to reveal their online profiles, but millions of others, including students remain unprotected.

Romney Foreign Policy Trip: Gaffes Will Not Hurt Him in Election 2012

Mitt Romney may have had a bad week, but will we care a week from now?

London Olympics Refuses to Honor Israel and Munich Terrorist Victims

The International Olympic Committee opposes recognizing one minute of silence despite lack of vocal opposition, presence of historical insensitivity.

Bill James Gives Bizarre Defense of Joe Paterno Amid Sandusky Scandal Report

Red Sox Adviser Bill James thinks criticism of Joe Paterno is misplaced and blames the media instead. Does he have a point?