Oliver VanDervoort
Oliver VanDervoort

Facedeals Facebook App is Minority Report Come to Life

A new face recognition program will allow stores to match customers to their Facebook photos and offer them special deals when they walk through the door.


James Eagan Holmes The Joker Copycat Planned on Blowing Up Community in Maryland

Disgruntled Neil Prescott planned to carry out a workplace massacre. When police investigated reports of menacing behavior, they found more than 25 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Penn State NCAA Punishment Hurts Even More Innocent Bystanders

Penn State deserved a serious punishment. The NCAA managed an overkill that will end up hurting innocent student athletes.

Romney Taxes Have Become a Political Circus

Democrats are pouncing on Mitt Romney's refusal to release more tax records and are talking about introducing bills that would force future presidential candidates to release more financial info.

John McCain Receives Money From Arizona Cardinals Super PAC

Pro sports team like the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs are getting more involved in politics than ever before. We can thank the Supreme Court for at least part of this new phenomenon.

Yahoo Security Breach Compromises 450,000 Accounts: Yours Could Be Next

The hack that exposed more than 450,000 users' secure info will affect more than just Yahoo. New reports show Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL accounts were also compromised.