Gary Bryan
Gary Bryan
Aug. 16, 2013

Zerocoin is like Bitcoin, Except It's Actually Anonymous

Bitcoin is not as anonymous as you think. Zerocoin closes that privacy gap.

Aug. 9, 2013

The Pope Condemns Marijuana Legalization, But the People Have Smoken

Even Catholic nations are starting to support the legalization of marijuana, despite the disapproval of Pope "who am I to judge?" Francis.
May 2, 2013

Online Sales Tax Senate Bill Shouldn't Be That Controversial

Marketplace Fairness Act will place the responsibility to collect taxes on sellers not purchasers. Um... does anything seem out of the norm here?
April 26, 2013

5 Reasons Marijuana Still Hasn't Been Legalized

The week after 4/20, many are wondering why marijuana is still illegal. Well, I can think of a few reasons...
April 17, 2013

Venezuelan Government Issues Arrest for Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles

Nicolas Maduro has ordered the apprehension of opposition candidate Henrique Capriles following what is now becoming the beginning of a civil crisis in Venezuela.
April 15, 2013

Venezuelan Election Results 2013: Maduro Inherits a Country in Crisis

Maduro may have won the Venezuelan elections, but his narrow margin of victory proves he now takes hold of a Venezuela divided unlike never before. One can only (naively) hope he can handle it.

April 15, 2013

Marijuana Legalization: 4/20 is a Perfect Time to Support the Marijuana Justice League

Members of Congress are proposing to let state marijuana legalization slide. But can they overcome a renewed push to keep the drug war going?
April 14, 2013

Venezuelans Gather to Vote In U.S. Consulate Offices

Consulate offices in Houston and New Orleans give many Venezuelan nationals the opportunity to show their political support in Venezuela's historic elections.
April 8, 2013

Silk Road: Where You Can Buy Illegal Drugs Anonymously Online

How Silk Road has been a game changer for Bitcoins by promoting a truly free, decentralized market for any product or service (much of which is drugs and other illegal deals).
April 5, 2013

After Newtown Shooting, the Gun Control Debate Has Become a Discussion to Nowhere

America turned its attention to the gun debate following a sensasionalized story, and now the story's not going away (like most sensasionalized stories do).
April 3, 2013

Henrique Capriles Could Spark a Social Revolution in Venezuela

Chavez's successor, Nicolas Maduro, represents an aging and unstable regime. The real revolutionary choice for Venezuela would be Henrique Capriles.

March 27, 2013

Gays Don't Negatively Affect Children — Humans Do

Those against gay marriage need to find another argument besides "it’s bad for the children." If my high school drop-out, twice divorced mother could have me, gays deserve the same right.
March 19, 2013

Venezuela Election 2013: A Brief History Of What Really Happens in My Home Country

Ever wondered where Hugo Chavez came from? Or what will happen to this oil-rich nation after his death? Here's a brief history of my home country's ups and downs during the last 14 years.
March 13, 2013

Gay Marriage, Marijuana Legalization Are Bad News for the GOP

Last year’s November elections altered the course of American policy on gay marriage and marijuana legalization and spells bad news for the GOP.
Jan. 25, 2013

Marijuana Legalization Struggles: The Ridiculous Rule That's Preventing It From Happening

An obscure policy is preventing the federal government from taking the necessary first steps toward legalizing marijuana.