Angela Duffy
Angela Duffy

Manhattanhenge 2013: The Twice-A-Year Occurrence Every New Yorker Has to See

Twice a year, New Yorkers are dazzled by sunrises and sunsets lining up perfectly with NYC’s Manhattan grid, a phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.

Darcy's Town Review: New Pride and Prejudice Gets Jane Austen All Wrong

Pride and Prejudice will be adapted into a modern-day show called Darcy's Town. Here are a few ways that Executive Producer Jennifer Love Hewitt can make it relatable for the modern woman.

Israel Gaza War: 5 Things We Learned about Israel

As the Palestinian bid for non-member observer status in the UN takes the spotlight on Thursday, we can look back at the latest Gaza conflict as an indication of Israel's changing game plan.

The 10 Books You Have to Read on Your Holiday Break

Everyone wants to read over the holidays, but the daunting question is where to start. Here are 10 recommendations from the new J.K. Rowling to your Abraham Lincoln pre-movie reading.

Obama vs Romney: A Romney Win Means a Far Right SCOTUS, Obama Will Keep it Liberal

The next president may get to appoint Supreme Court justices who determine the direction of the country for decades to come. A Romney win could mean the most conservative SCOTUS in history.

New Great Gatsby Movie Has Many Parallels to the Modern Chaotic America

The Great Gatsby's fourth cinematic remake will be as pertinent to Millennials when it is released this Christmas as when the seminal novel was published in 1925 since nothing has really changed.

Why Americans Identify More With Beyonce Knowles & Peyton Manning Than Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama

1 in 3 people admit that they are moderate to advanced celebrity worshipers. Despite explanations for this extreme phenomenon, it is not good for society.

In Defense of Snooki Polizzi and the "Jersey Shore"

MTV's Jersey Shore is an abominable show, but has many social insights and merits.

Public vs. Private Schools: An International Perspective

The question of public or private education on an international level is not a competition like it is in the U.S.; both sectors serve different purposes and populations.

In Palestine, the Stage is Set for Nonviolent Resistance

Young people in the West Bank came together to share their hopes and dreams. Promoting creativity over violence, OneVoice Palestine made the actors' stage an outlet for expression.