Sam Brounstein
Sam Brounstein

MBC: Marijuana and Birth Control

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit NYC This Summer

For starters, don't wear an "I Heart New York" shirt.

'Terminator' Reboot: Can Producer Megan Ellison Make It Shine?

Iconoclastic heiress Megan Ellison, who also happens to be the daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, is set to produce the "Terminator" reboot. Can she make it shine?

So Long Annoying Cable Providers, Hello Aereo TV

Cable giants like Time Warner are responding to internet live TV streaming services by lowering their own cable packages, but can't these companies pick on someone their own size?

Jared Leto Dressed in Drag For a Magazine and No One Cares

Another day, another huge risk for a one-of-a-kind intrepid actor who is unfortunately the poor man's Leo DiCaprio.

One Of the Worst Movies Of All Time Turns 10

Tommy Wiseau's cult classic "The Room," which some have dubbed the worst film of all time, is turning 10. Where is he now?


Meet the Japanese Man Suing a Network For Using Too Many English Words

An elderly Japanese man is suing a network for broadcasting too many English words, joining droves around the world against our native language.

Where Is Edward Snowden: Global Manhunts Are Fun and All, But Don't Forget PRISM

The PRISM scandal raises the possibility of sinister government omniscience. In the chase for news on Snowden, let's not forget that.

Will Facebook Go the Way Of Microsoft?

The announcement of an intergration between Facebook and the upcoming Windows 8 O/S is a harbinger of bad and good.

4 Musical Artists Whose Influence You Can Hear in Jay-Z Raps

The CEO of the R.O.C. owes many debts, and, given his net worth, I'm not talking about monetary loans.

5 Most Overrated Rappers in the Music Industry

How did these rhymesayers get this huge?

3 Over-the-Top British Headlines On the Serena Williams/Maria Sharapova Feud

Any British person capable of reading knows their journalists are perhaps the most ruthless group of people employed as writers. These are their headlines on the tennis feud.

Celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary Of One Of Rock and Roll's Most Overlooked Albums

It's been ten years since The Mars Volta released "De-Loused in the Comatorium," and there's no better way to remember the now-split up band than to recognize the album's brilliance.

YouTube "Jobs" Movie Trailer: Will Ashton Kucher's Steve Job's Film Be a Puff Piece?

The first trailer for "Jobs" is out, but will the film be a real look at Steve Jobs's legacy or just more polish on Apple's shiny image?

Watch What Happens When Wine "Connoisseurs" Are Given the Same Glass Of Wine Over and Over

Sorry, snobs, but science just demonstrated that Franzia = Grand Cru. Eat your blue-blooded heart out.

Paula Deen Racist: So We're Apparently Outraged, But How Do We Really Feel?

The reaction to Paula Deen's racism is part and parcel of a sinister American tradition: building up idolatrous characters, then viciously tearing them down as soon as it's convenient.


Where is Edward Snowden? PRISM Leaker Leaves Hong Kong For Moscow

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has apparently made the jump from Japan to Hong Kong. A source implies the local government may have purposefully let him leave.

6 Of Twitter's Best Photos From the Bulgarian Protests

Bulgaria is now the third state in turmoil this month, and if the #????withme hashtag is any indication, there are many compelling and even positive threads to see as the drama unfolds.

Watch Andrew WK Drum For 24 Hours Straight

His all white shirt and pants betray the confidence in his intention to keep playing, even if he defecates, urinates, or vomits.

5 Amazing Quotes and Acts Of Kindness From James Gandolfini

RIP to thespian who never let the glow of stardom interfere with his conscientiousness, or his "normal guy" lifestyle.