Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson

New Batman Movie Dark Knight Returns is Even Better Than the Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. animation's latest feature-length direct-to-video movie is an adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman magnum opus "The Dark Knight Returns," and it's better than "The Dark Knight Rises."

Dark Knight Rises: Again Batman Comes to Life in the Amazing New BATMAN LIVE Stage Show

Batman has been dominating the cultural spotlight through comic books, radio airwaves, live action, and animated TV shows, video games, blockbuster movies, and now live theater with BATMAN LIVE.

Dark Knight Rises, and the 9 Best and Worst Batman Movies of All Time

Now that Christopher Nolan's reign as steward of the Batman film franchise has come to an end with 'The Dark Knight Rises,' the time is right to rank the top 9 theatrically released Batman films.

The Top 5 Batman Comics Ever

Five essential Batman graphic novels that will work for both Batman novices and experts searching for more tales of the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight Rises Review: 10 Pros and Cons About the Last Christopher Nolan Batman Movie

The last chapter in Christopher Nolan's cimematic Batman saga is a mixed bag of good and bad.

New Superman Movie: Man of Steel Will Reinvent Superman Story

The minute and a half preview immediately sets out to establish a very different tone and look than previous Superman interpretations.

Dark Knight Rises Movie: Batman Finale Will Be End to Post-9/11 Cinema

Christopher Nolan's last Batman film marks the end of the defining genre narrative of contemporary cinema.