Amy Sterling Casil
Amy Sterling Casil

Meet the Consulting Firm That's Screwing Up With Your Tax Money, and Keeps Getting More

California's unemployment system is the latest in a long string of IT and other consulting failures for multinational giant Deloitte. Failure pays, as the firm continues to get huge contracts.

New Evidence Sheds Light On Chris McCandless Death, But it Doesn't Matter

Twenty years after Jon Krakauer published his first article about the life and death of Christopher McCandless, he advanced a new theory this week about Chris' death in Alaska in 1992.

Delbert Belton and Christopher Lane Hate Crimes Show a Massive Racial Divide in America

Delbert Belton survived the battle of Okinawa to die at age 88 after being beaten outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, WA. African American teens identified in surveillance video are sought.

Bob Filner is the Latest Democrat Hypocrite

Lifelong politician San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been publically accused by seven accomplished women of sexual harassment. He's referring himself for "treatment" and hasn't agreed to step down.

6 Movies Where the Government Saves the Day

What if movie heroes were "the government" instead of individuals? Here are six films told with the government, not their main characters, saving the day.

Jeff Bliss Video: Texas High School Student Demands An Education

Duncanville Texas high school student Jeff Bliss launched a YouTube student revolution when he stood up and demanded an education from his World History teacher Tuesday.

Top 10 Zombie-Themed Products For An Undead Economy

The CDC created a Zombie Task Force to educate the public on emergency preparedness, which could signal the zombie craze is near an end. Zombie products still drive a thriving undead economy.

Wikipedia Creates "American Women Novelist" Category, Crowdsources Sexism

Wikipedia editors moved hundreds of female novelists to their own category in recent weeks. The latest Wikipedia gender blunder is part of a long tradition of bias and Wiki-foolishness.

Kermit Gosnell Trial: 5 Reasons Why the Media is Not Covering It

Three of the seven charges against Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell have just been dropped. The layers of hypocrisy in the case are thicker than toppings on a Philly cheesesteak.

Will Getting a Masters Of Fine Arts Get You a Job? No

Few things in life are more useless than an MFA in Creative Writing. This degree was viewed as useless in 1999, yet more programs and unemployed grads pop up every year.

Joe Salazar Rape Comment: Women Don't Need Guns, Even If They Fear Sexual Assault

Whether it's "legitimate" rape or guns for protection, male zealots on the right and the left have problems recognizing the basic humanity of women and common sense.

10 Best Snarky Amazon Product Reviews

If you're looking for a quick laugh, look no further than the snarky joke reviews for unusual products and books on Amazon. Can you tell which of these ten products are real or fake?

Christopher Dorner Supporters Like Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill Are Hypocrites

Would the same people who advocated more gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook killings support Christopher Dorner's rampage? In the case of Marc Lamont Hill, it's okay to shoot if you're black.

Oak Ridge Protest: 83-Year-Old Nun Faces Charges For Breaking Into Nuclear Facility

Sister Megan Rice and two other peace activists are on trial for breaking into the Oak Ridge nuclear facility in Tennessee last July. The group beat a $500 million security system to protest.

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner: Feminists are Family-Destroying Whores

Generations Radio is an ultra-conservative Boulder, CO-based radio show co-hosted by two "Christian" pastors who hate women, gays, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and pretty much everybody else.

Aaron Swartz Suicide: Was He Hounded to Death By an Unjust Prosecution?

Reddit founder Aaron Swartz suffered from depression and was under prosecution for "illegally obtaining" journals from JSTOR when he was found dead yesterday, a victim of unjust prosecution.


In 2013, It's Time for Women to Take Control of Our Future

Gender bias is so embedded in our culture that it traps us in a cycle of tired thoughts, stereotyped images, and inaction. Now it's time for 21st century feminism: leadership and action.

6 Women More Inspiring and Influential Than Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke is well-known for her advocacy for women's reproductive rights. But there are other women you should get to know as well if you are interested in women who empower others.

Elementary TV Show: Lucy Liu Makes a Great Watson, But Would Make a Better Sherlock Holmes

New CBS drama Elementary has gotten kudos from reviewers for rebooting Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as Watson, but it's far from an instant classic. For starters, this Sherlock isn't very smart.

Adam Lanza Massacre: Gun Control is Not the Answer, But Neither is Prayer

The real answer may lie in putting the horrific tragedy in perspective and working to stop the people who choose to self-destruct and take as many others as possible along with them.