JoEllen Redlingshafer
JoEllen Redlingshafer

Ohio Results: Mitt Romney Faces Stiff Test From Rick Santorum in Ohio Super Tuesday Vote

With Santorum close in the polls, Romney can’t relax just yet.

Bono, Jon Stewart Among Most Politically Influential Celebrities of 2011

These celebrities have shown they are the masters of both acting and politics.

Social Media Sites Need to Focus on Security

In order for social media sites to keep growing, they must focus on making sites secure from hacking.

After Pornographic Spam Attack, Facebook Needs Added Privacy

Facebook needs more privacy regulations in order to ensure the safety of its users.

How Mandatory Voting Hurts Democracy

Mandatory voting only encourages uneducated and misinformed voters, causing more harm than good.

The LGBT Movement Must Look Past Gay Marriage

The LGBT community needs to draw attention to issues other than gay marriage in order to take bigger steps toward equality.


Celebrities and Charities Don't Always Mix

It is great publicity for a charity when a celebrity gets involved. But sometimes a celebrity can do more harm than good.

Team Mascots Should Raise Morale, Not Create Racial Tension

Racially offensive team mascots and names should be changed to further a sense of community, not kept by teams in the name of tradition.