Perry Nagin
Perry Nagin

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2013: How Teachers Can Help Stop Bullying

May 7 is National Teacher's Day, and one oft-overlooked fact is how teachers are the front line of defense between children and bullies. Here's how they can help, and we can help them.


Final Exam Tips: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking the Tests

A former teacher reveals the traps to avoid falling into when taking the highly anticipated end-of-the-year tests.

MeetAtTheAirport App: Bringing Speed Dating to the Airport

Now, while waiting for a flight, there is an app that plays on the fantasies of many — unexpected love at first sight, the thrill of meeting a stranger.

300,000 Children Enter the Sex Trade Annually — in the U.S.

Sex trafficking is a worldwide problem that touches all of our communities, yet most people are unaware that this is a massive industry ... even here at home.

Obama Budget 2014: Deadly Diseases Could Rise Due to Global Health Cuts

The projected cut to global health for this fiscal year totals in at $443 million dollars, even though foreign aid as a whole only constitutes 1% of the federal budget.

Millennial Spotlight: Meet Sarah Klass, a 24-Year-Old Designer On the Rise

Ever think about starting your own jewelry line? We talked to entrepreneur Sarah Klass, a burgeoning designer about how she did just that.


How Millennial Women Really Feel About Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to take an unofficial survey of a few smart, progressive millennial women to see how they really feel about the "most romantic day of the year."

Santa Claus: Is He Good or Bad for Children?

We grow up essentially being lied to about the existence of a jolly old man who lives in the North Pole and is committed to bringing us gifts. The question arises, how does this effect children?

Adam Lanza Shooting Proves It's Time to Talk Gun Control in America

Did it really have to take this senseless act to finally bring about change? Or is this not even enough?

Thanksgiving Recipes: 10 Delicious Last Minute Vegetarian Recipes

Thanksgiving Day is here! But no turkey for you, you're a vegetarian. Here are 10 delicious last-minute recipes for the non-turkey eaters in the group.

Thanksgiving 2012: Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Thanksgiving Foods

As the holiday approaches, turkey temptation lurks around every corner, and pumpkin pies propel us to pack on the pounds. Here are the best ways to make your Thanksgiving happier and healthier.


Hurricane Sandy Damage Report: In Wake Of NY Power Outages Here is How You Can Help Your Community

Community based initiatives show the greatest fortitude in the face of disaster. In light of Hurricane Sandy’s recent destruction, a new non-profit, is helping prove this.

Obesity Crisis: Childhood Obesity Rate Rises, US Companies Partly to Blame

Two of the largest cereal brands in the world aren't really concerned with our children's health. Their pledge to cut salt and sugar from their cereals, but not in the U.S., is a ploy.

The Bias Against Women in Science: Why Women, As Well As Men, Are at Fault

It is time society starts not only accepting but, also supporting and recognizing the strengths of female contributions in the fields of science.

Stem Cell Research Sees Major Breakthrough, New Hope For Fertility and Organ Regeneration

Such progress, however, is frustratingly halted by the ethical debate over stem cell manipulation.

Jack Reacher Movie Trailer: Tom Cruise is the Worst Choice to Play the Lee Child Hero

Lee Child's book series has become a classic, but as it heads to the silver-screen with "One Shot" fans are up in arms that the 5'7" Tom Cruise will play the 6'5" Jack Reacher.


Why Community Based Services Are the Best at Responding to Disasters

Outside organizations don't always provide the most effective assistance after natural or man-made disasters.

The Office Season 9 Premiere Review: New Jim and Dwight Jr Join Favorites Like Jim and Pam

NBC's "The Office" premiered Thursday night. The final season brings new characters (Dwight Jr.) and says goodbye to old stars (Mindy Kaling), and feels a bit tired in the process.

The Office NBC Season 9 Spoilers: Farewell Season Premiere Brings New Cast and More Jim and Pam

Thursday night America's favorite show, "The Office," will be back for its final season premiere. Nine seasons in, and now without Steve Carell, this is the show's swan song.

Honey Boo Boo Ratings Top Paul Ryan at the RNC: Why the VMAs May Beat Out the DNC Tonight

Three million Americans tuned into watch "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" last week; three million Americans who chose reality TV over political reality. Tonight, the VMA's offer the same choice