William Kang
William Kang

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie Review: J.J. Abrams Film Explores Uncharted Space

"Star Trek Into Darkness" has less to do with space than the people who traverse it and is a study of what drives us in the face of despair: family, obsession, justice.

'DWTS' Season 16: Zendaya Coleman Steals the Show

'Dancing With the Stars' premiered Monday night with 16-year-old Zendaya Coleman, the youngest contestant ever, beating competition on the scoreboard.

4 Jobs That Are Going Away Forever

Technological innovation and a shifting social landscape are propelling new occupations to the forefront, while simultaneously pushing others into obscurity. Here are four of the latter.

Oscars 2013: 3 Movies You Have to See Before Watching

Why 'The Invisible War,' 'Wreck-It Ralph,' and 'Django Unchained' should all be on your to-watch list.

Oscars 2013: 3 Movies You Have to See Before Watching the Academy Awards

Watch this. Skip that. Find out which three movies made the must-see list before this year's Academy Awards.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey: The Lord of the Rings Prequel Falls into the Franchise Trap

'The Hobbit' hits theaters on December 14. Of course the world is excited, but at what point will people finally be fed up with all of these Hollywood franchises?


The Petraeus Affair Has No Bearing on Benghazi

There is no room for partisan posturing, only facts, else we risk further obscuring what is already a murky issue.

Bourne Legacy Review: Film is Not Really a Bourne Movie, But Still a Fun Flick

If you’re looking for a decent summer flick, you could do worse than Legacy. But if you’re looking for a continuation of the trilogy, or even a spiritual successor, don’t expect to find it here.

Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal: Kristen Stewart Has Nothing to Apologize For

The public's vitriolic reaction to Kristen Stewart's affair with director Rupert Sanders is a reflection of the quirks of the celebrity phenomenon.