Jonathan Tjarks
Jonathan Tjarks

Oscar Nominations 2013: Why 'Zero Dark Thirty' Shouldn't Win Best Picture

"Zero Dark Thirty" should have been a detective story, instead it felt more like a chaotic prelude to a 30-minute "Call of Duty" mission.


The Revolutionary President: We'll All Be Studying Obama Politics For Generations to Come

After a decisive victory in the 2012 elections, Obama now has the chance to re-align American politics as dramatically as FDR and Reagan did.

Obama vs Romney: Arabs and Mitt Romney Both Agree That American Foreign Policy Needs Changing

The shared conceit of both political parties is that American values and interests overseas are synonymous, but if they aren’t, which ones do we sacrifice first?

Paul Ryan is Not a Libertarian or Tea Party Conservative

Romney's VP choice was made with governing, not campaigning, in mind. Fiscal conservatives should be very wary.

Why You Could Be On Obama's Kill List and Nobody Would Ever Know

The president runs the CIA's unmanned drone program without any oversight or transparency, making him the judge, jury, and executioner in the War on Terror.

Kentucky National Championship is a Great Thing For College Sports

College sports programs belong to their fans while professional sports organizations belong to their owners.

Knicks Point Guard Jeremy Lin Is Not That Special, He's Replaceable

The focus on Jeremy Lin's individual success with the New York Knicks, and not the system that made it possible, is reflective of a broader trend in American culture.

Mike Huckabee is the Only GOP Candidate Who Can Defeat President Obama in 2012

With dissatisfaction growing over the choice between Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, Republicans may regret overlooking 2008 runner-up Mike Huckabee, the candidate best positioned to defeat Obama.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: Two Competing Visions of the Status Quo

While the two Harvard graduates may sound different on the campaign trail, they would likely follow similar policies in office.

Tim Tebow Philippines Charity Work and the Flawed Way Americans View the World

The coverage of Tebow's missionary work in the Philippines ignores the long history of American imperialism in the country.

Best of 2011: Samuel Alito, Peyton Manning, and How Law School Resembles the NFL Draft

The odds of an average first-year law student making "Big Law" money aren't much better than college football players making it in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers Prove That Public Ownership of Organizations is Economical

The Packers, a publicly traded corporation owned and operated by their fans, stand in sharp contrast to NFL, NBA and MLB owners who have turned their franchises into elaborate slush funds.

The End of American Baseball? How the MLB's New CBA Could Radically Change The Sport

By taking steps towards a worldwide draft, MLB may be opening up more spots for American-born players at the expense of international ones.

Republican "Job Creator" Myth Misunderstands Our Economic Problems

Conservatives are always talking about protecting America's "job-creators" who make up the top 1% of the economy, but the biggest problem with the economy is a lack for demand for those jobs.

Occupy the NBA: How the Lockout is Similar to OWS

The actions of the NBA's owners in the lockout have mirrored those of Wall Street in the Great Recession.

Occupy the NBA: How the Lockout is Like OWS

The actions of the NBA's owners in the lockout have mirrored those of Wall Street in the Great Recession.


Herman Cain's Foreign Policy Problem

Cain's complete disregard for foreign policy issues should disqualify him from running for president.

The Drastically Different Economics of the NFL and European Soccer

The NFL promotes equality at the expense of building perfect teams, while European soccer creates super squads at the price of creating a dramatically unequal playing field.

The Excessive Glorification of Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO was a great businessman, but not a hero.

The Heavy Price of College Tuition

Over the last generation, the skyrocketing cost of college tuition has increased America's social inequality, despite the fact that teaching should be cheaper than ever.