Jessica Schreindl
Jessica Schreindl

Pop Culture's Big Booty Trend Is Bad News for Women

Oh good, another unattainable beauty standard.

Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris

In 2013, nothing should be revolutionary or subversive about discussing ladies' lady parts. Improve your cliteracy with these 21 things you didn't know about the (amazing) female sex organ!

Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen Prove White America Needs to Have a Talk About Race

White people need to have a discussion about race in America. Racism is still rampant in this country and no non-white person is immune to it – not even the president.

Daniel Bergner: Journalist's Book Declares Women Like Sex

Journalist David Bergner reveals a "shocking" discovery in his new book about female desire.

Should Women Take Their Husbands’ Last Names in 2013?

It’s about time we choose our own damn last names.

Marissa Mayer Isn't Bad For Women — the Pressure to "Have it All" is

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has recently gotten flak for her strict ban on working from home. Is she a super privileged woman? Yes, but like you and me, she still has to prioritize everything.


People Who Are "Fearful" Tend to Be Politically Conservative, Study Says

A new study in the American Journal of Political Science highlights that "individuals who are more fearful tend to espouse less supportive policies toward out-groups."

5 New Songs That Prove Country Music is Better Than Ever

Five recently released tunes that prove country music isn't just pop.

Why Men Need Feminism

For too long, men and women have been told that feminism is anti-men. In reality, men have much to gain from realizing the role that examining gender plays in their life.

Lena Dunham is Wrong to Blame Rihanna For Getting Back With Chris Brown

Lena Dunham very publicly stated that Rihanna's choice to get back together with Chris Brown "cracked her heart in half." Blaming victim's of abuse is precisely the wrong feminist action to take.

John Brennan CIA Nomination: Liberals Fall Silent On Obama "Kill List" Crafter Pick

While Republicans have been quick to bash defense nominee Chuck Hagel, Democrats and liberals have been shockingly silent on Obama's controversial CIA pick: pro-drone adviser John Brennan.

Zero Dark Thirty Movie: Osama Bin Laden Film is Guided By the White House Official Narrative

The film relies on the official narrative regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden while mythologizing Seal Team Six, CIA and DoD officials. It is, in the most basic sense, political propaganda.

Sexy Halloween Costumes: Why Women Cannot Win, Even on Halloween

For women, Halloween highlights that while we’re being pushed more and more into narrowly-defined over-sexualized expressions of ourselves, we are, at the same time, being shamed for them.

Why Cover? French Rapper Converts to Islam, Defends Hijab on National TV

If a woman is caught wearing a niqab in public, the offense could cost her a year in prison or a €15,000 ($19,000) fine.

Presidential Polls 2012: Ironically, Many of the 47 Percent Dependent on Government Live in Red States

Romney is inadvertently insulting conservative Americans who have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps while getting a helping hand from Uncle Sam.

Michelle Obama DNC Speech Was Meant to Win Hearts and Votes, and That is Exactly What it Did

When candidates’ wives take the stage they have but one job; to make their husband likable.

Nicki Minaj Misogyny: Why Female Artists Are Tearing Women Down

Twenty years ago things were different; female hip hop artists didn't get fame by tearing women down. But it's a new more misogynistic era, and Nicki Minaj lyrics are leading that charge.

Top 5 Reasons Obama is Not a True Liberal

On some issues, his record has been even more conservative than George W. Bush.

War on Religion: Sikh Shooting and Missouri Mosque Fire Part of a Wider Problem in America

The inconvenient fact is that hate crimes against Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants have been on the rise since 9/11.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Batman Film Capitalizes on Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

'The Dark Knight Rises' is making its millions off of recent world unrest; capitalizing on the grievances of the OWS, Tea Party, and the Arab Spring movements.