Cooper Fleishman
Cooper Fleishman
Senior editor, video

Travel for cheap: How to get a free honeymoon with credit card points

Free flights and hotels are not only possible, they’re easily obtainable if you plan far enough in advance.

Twitter’s 280-character tweets won’t fix the platform’s biggest problems

Rage, rage against the dying of the 140-character limit. If Twitter is aiming to spur user growth by testing longer tweets, it's got bigger issues to work out first.

This hilarious iOS 11 glitch capitalizes dictated texts like Jaden Smith tweets

One iOS 11 bug — god, I hope this is a bug — stands above the rest, and I can't stop laughing.

Can't download iOS 11 public beta? Having trouble installing it? Here's a quick fix.

Want to download iOS 11 public beta but can't figure it out? Here are some tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

Apple iOS 11 Public Beta Release Date: Developer beta 2 is here. When does the public beta come out?

We have a much better idea of when the iOS 11 public beta is coming out.

Is Instagram down right now? What to do when Instagram crashes

Instagram went down on Monday. Here's what to do if it happens again.

IOS 11 Bugs: The most annoying problems with the iOS 11 beta so far

These iOS 11 bugs and features might make you think twice before downloading the developer beta.

How does Apple Pay work? The new "cash card" lets you send and receive money

Apple unveiled a new use for Apple Pay at WWDC 2017 — peer-to-peer payments. Here's how to use the new "cash card."

'Survivor' 2017 Finale Live Blog and Recap: Who wins 'Game Changers'?

Read our 'Survivor' finale recap to find out who wins and where the legacy advantage comes into play.

'Survivor' 34: Zeke Smith was just outed as trans on national television by Jeff Varner

Jeff Varner outs Zeke Smith as transgender on Wednesday night's episode of 'Survivor.'

Steve Bannon's explosive CPAC speech shows Trump's GOP will never be rid of the alt-right

Steve Bannon put the alt-right in the White House. Now conservatives are scrambling to denounce it.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Here's another awesome concept video for Apple's next release

Drool over the latest iPhone 8 leaks and images.

iPhone 8 concept video with images of iOS 11 features will make you hope these rumors are true

What will the iPhone 8 look like? Let's hope it's something like this.

Angry racists are boycotting Coke over immigrant-friendly Super Bowl ad

Coke says the ad wasn't meant to be political — but many Americans disagreed.

Here's what happens to Obama's Twitter now that President Trump has taken over @POTUS

President Trump's reign now officially includes @POTUS on Twitter. Here we go...

Trump golden shower jokes are going viral on Twitter in wake of shocking unverified report

#GoldenShowers is going viral after an unverified dossier detailed an alleged Trump pee sex scandal.

Ann Coulter thinks you're "retarded" if you confused her Obama countdown for neo-Nazi code

Like Trump, she distances herself from the horde — but knows the value of its support.

White supremacists think this Ann Coulter tweet is a secret Nazi code

Coulter probably didn't mean to tweet support for white nationalism. But she's spent the election stirring up hate.

Wendy's just tweeted the Pepe the Frog meme, a white supremacist mascot

This is why we can't have nice things.