Jack Smith IV
Jack Smith IV
Senior writer, correspondent

The rush is on to declare the alleged Texas shooter a left-wing or right-wing terrorist

The rush to declare Dimitrios Pagourtzis a politically motivated terrorist is creating a cloud of misinformation.

Kanye West’s new pals don’t want to free your mind — they want to destroy welfare

The idea that Democrats are running a "plantation" goes back half a century.

Kanye West just tweeted the work of Jordan Peterson, another conservative thinker

Kanye West is, apparently, going through a transformation into a bona fide conservative.

The meaning of “incel” and how men’s rights extremism fueled the Toronto van attack

Misogyny has its own online political subculture. Occasionally, it's turns deadly.

A neo-Nazi rally in Georgia this weekend showed the dwindling power of the alt-right

The so-called alt right is breathing its dying gasps. Now what?

Leaked neo-Nazi chat room shows a movement self-destructing in real time

Now you can watch the country's most prominent neo-Nazi organization crumble from the inside.


The ongoing battle over the Mississippi flag has escalated with release of threatening KKK video

The Klan sent threats to a local activist. Her response: “You ignorant mf’s can kiss my ass."

Milo Yiannopoulos shutters his “privilege” charity for white men

He was supposed to distribute over $100,000 in scholarship money. What happened?

‘Far Cry 5’ tries to avoid politics, but still dives headfirst into the heart of American fascism

Americans are obsessed with cults but unwilling to look at our own cultish behavior.

Jordan Peterson is creating his own online university to destroy college “indoctrination cults”

The internet’s most popular conservative thinker wants to unravel the modern university.

‘National Geographic’ has reckoned with its racist past — now what?

They're not the only newspaper or magazine with baggage, either.

Inter-marital affair could destroy what’s left of the leadership of a major neo-Nazi group

On this season of 'Real Housewives of the So-Called Alt-Right...'

Richard Spencer suspending the rest of his college tour because “antifa is winning”

Do anti-fascists hurt their own cause if their protests are working?

Kratom is a legal drug used by many to treat opioid addiction at home, and the FDA is not having it

Do we really want to ban a drug that's helping people kick their opioid addiction?

Jordan Peterson is the rising self-help guru of young conservatives. Here’s what he’s telling them.

Everyone from the alt-right to establishment Republicans are arriving in droves to hear his lectures.

This is what really happened when Chelsea Manning partied with the far right

Is Chelsea Manning a fascist? No — she just has poor taste in friends.

With Christie gone, felons in New Jersey could finally get their voting rights

It's the state with the highest racial disparity in incarceration.

This is fashwave, the suicidal retro-futurist art of the alt-right

Neo-Nazis have their own online art form, and it speaks to the dark roots of their ideology.

Why women have always been essential to white supremacist movements

From the KKK to the alt-right, white women have been vital leaders in hate groups.