Xavier Harding
Xavier Harding

Xavier is a tech and gaming writer from New York. Email him at xavier@mic.com.

Nov. 17, 2017

This iOS animoji copycat costs 1/100th of an iPhone X, but you get what you pay for

But it's less than $1,000, so...

Nov. 15, 2017

Apple’s animojis and portrait selfies could work on cheaper devices — why are they only on iPhone X?

Apple is running out of reasons to convince you to buy a new phone each year.
Nov. 12, 2017

‘Black Panther’ isn’t just another Marvel movie — it’s a vision of a future led by blackness

And that's exactly why the blockbuster, set to arrive in February 2018, is so hotly anticipated.
Nov. 9, 2017

A Nintendo Switch Hulu app is coming — could Netflix or YouTube be next?

The Nintendo Switch is getting its first TV streaming app.

Oct. 23, 2017

Singapore to lower the number of cars allowed on its roads

Hit the road, overpopulation.
Oct. 19, 2017

It costs only $1,000 for someone to track your every move

Research from the University of Washington shows how anyone can track what apps you use and where you’ve been — for just $1,000.
Oct. 18, 2017

How the Netherlands’ 3-D printed bridges could change cities around the world

When will 3-D printers produce inexpensive bridges for your city?

Oct. 17, 2017
Oct. 16, 2017

Even encrypted Wi-Fi can be hacked — here’s what you need to know

When the best encryption still isn't enough
Oct. 12, 2017
Oct. 12, 2017

A brief history of Mark Zuckerberg’s occasionally problematic global outreach

The best of times, the worst of times.
Oct. 10, 2017

IOS 11.1 will bring 69 new emojis to your iPhone

Here are the ones your friends will be talking about.

Oct. 10, 2017

What are porgs? The new ‘Star Wars’ trailer just gave us its first viral meme

A long time ago, in an animal kingdom far far away
Oct. 9, 2017

Blitter: There’s finally an app where Black Twitter can escape online harassment

The app shows a lot of promise, but it's unclear if it'll catch on.
Oct. 6, 2017

5 cosplayers of color speak out on the real issues plaguing the community

They're fighting to have their craft taken seriously while courting sponsors who would rather fund more, say, “mainstream”-looking cosplayers. But that won’t stop these real-life superheroes.
Oct. 2, 2017

Is Snapchat planning an augmented reality collaboration with the legendary artist Jeff Koons?

A mystery site, a countdown clock and an easily avoidable glitch that spoiled it all. Snapchat, you played yourself.