Xavier Harding
Xavier Harding

Will movie subscription service Sinemia falter like MoviePass?

With a big summer sale and referral bonuses, Sinemia is capitalizing on recent MoviePass turbulence.

Twitter CEO puts Alex Jones in a timeout, “removing his ability to tweet for a time period”

Jack Dorsey wants Jones to think about what he's done.

MoviePass users complain they can’t cancel the service. The company says it’s a “bug.”

MoviePass’ terms of service notes that tapping cancel on your subscription in the app isn’t enough.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark donates $1 million to STEM education

Craigslist founder taps into Facebook and Twitter to choose where STEM funding should go

Google is tracking your location even when you ask it to stop, study shows. Here’s the fix.

The report, which was published Monday, shows Google still tracks users’ movements.

Mary Golda Ross, credited as first female Native American engineer, is honored in Google Doodle

Here's everything you need to know about Mary Golda Ross

Twitter CEO justifies Alex Jones’ presence on social media site in Sean Hannity interview

Jack Dorsey explains why the InfoWars host still has a Twitter page.

‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’: 5 options for the Switch game to add more characters of color

The new list of fighters announced Wednesday is pretty white.

Here are all the ways your MoviePass subscription changed this summer

MoviePass is becoming a different service.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars content removed from Facebook, Apple

Facebook removed four of Jones' pages Monday.

iPhone X 2018 Rumors: Everything we think we know about the new iPhone

We're keeping track of the list of features, colors and prices to expect on release day.

Drive.ai brings its first driverless car service to Texas. Here’s how it’s keeping pedestrians safe.

Drive.ai's VP of business strategy says it aims to keep passengers and pedestrians safe.

23andMe, Ancestry and other DNA testing companies agree to better protect your genetic information

The guidelines offer common-sense protections for DNA test users.

In an ACLU test, Amazon’s facial recognition tech wrongly matched mugshots to 28 members of Congress

Amazon needs to update how it teaches its artificial intelligence.

Parents of Sandy Hook victim say Facebook isn’t protecting them from harassment

The parents of Noah Pozner, a 6-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim, have shared an open letter criticizing Facebook for tolerating conspiracy theories related to the tragedy.

This company wants to use holograms to improve medical research

Looking Glass' co-founder hopes the product will revolutionize fields like simple 3D modeling and medicine.

68% of people say tech creators inject their own biases in products, study says

Does tech remove bias or amplify the biases of those who create it?

Facebook to remove fake content meant to start violence from its platform

The social network will immediately start removing posts meant to cause violence.

Trump points to Google’s $5 billion fine from Europe as proof that the US and EU are foes

"I told you so," Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

Google was hit with a record-setting $5 billion fine. Here’s how your Android phone might change.

The European Union said that the search engine company is violating antitrust laws.