Chris Riotta
Chris Riotta

Gorillaz tease new album with 'The Book of Noodle,' a cryptic, bloody visual short story

If this is the band's way of teasing a new album, it would be its first release in five years.

Solange brings the stunning black beauty of 'A Seat at the Table' to life in 2 new visuals

Solange continues to build out the intimate, ethereal world of 'A Seat at the Table.'

Solange Knowles shares intimate race relations talk to accompany 'A Seat at the Table'

Solange Knowles and her mother invited fans to take a seat at their table and discuss some hard truths.

How Solange Knowles has evolved from Beyoncé's sister to R&B queen in her own right

Solange has been carving her own space in the music industry since she was 15-years-old.

John Legend expertly sums up the U.S.'s problem with mental health and mass incarceration

"I’ve seen personally what drugs and depression can do to your family because I had that issue with my mother."

Mary J. Blige on Hillary Clinton singing interview: "I'm a singer before I'm a journalist"

The R&B hitmaker will no longer be singing to any future guests, however.

Kesha defends Alicia Machado, slams Donald Trump on "racist, misogynist verbal diarrhea"

The embattled pop star threw her support behind Trump's latest victim.

The Weeknd drops "False Alarm" from upcoming album 'Starboy' — listen here

The second track released off The Weeknd's forthcoming album sounds wildly different from the first.

Solange Knowles' drops 'A Seat at the Table' digital book celebrating black beauty

The Knowles sisters are making 2016 the year of black female power in music.

The Weeknd destroys his former image, career and reputation in new "Starboy" music video

The Weeknd literally kills the old him in this haunting new video.

Texas university's class on Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' will explore black feminism in the US

"Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture" will study race, gender and class in pop culture.

Gucci Mane set to star in 'The Trap' alongside Al Pacino and publish a book

La Flare just continues to tack on new business ventures for himself post-prison.

Drake's 'Please Forgive Me' is just like his new music: safe, predictable and expensive

Drake just can't seem to pull off a heist quite like Rihanna.

Kid Cudi's 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'' tracklist features André 3000 and Willow Smith

Kid Cudi is gearing up for a major comeback ... hopefully.

President Obama to host Leonardo DeCaprio, 'Stranger Things' kids at the SXSL festival

Leonardo DiCaprio will discuss his new documentary 'Before the Flood' and the kids will appear during the student film portion.

Fall album releases: Everything we know about new Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi and Beck

The tidal wave of new music in 2016 doesn't end after summer.

Kesha makes impassioned speech to fans at concert regarding her rape case against Dr. Luke

"I honestly don't know if I would have made it the past few years without you guys, some of you may know I'm in a lawsuit."

T.I. releases 'Us or Else' EP condemning police brutality and makes every lyric count

The EP features T.I.'s most socially conscious raps to date.

Common's "Black America Again" video spotlights policy brutality in an illuminating way

The Common and Stevie Wonder collaboration begins with powerful raw footage of a police shooting.