Jenny Kutner
Jenny Kutner

Jenny Kutner is a senior reporter at Mic, covering feminism, reproductive justice and sexual violence. She is a native Texan based in New York. Send tips or friendly messages to

Jan. 5, 2017

Congressional panel ends Planned Parenthood investigation with new anti-abortion agenda

A GOP-dominated panel has concluded a yearlong investigation of claims against Planned Parenthood with a scary anti-choice report.

Jan. 4, 2017

The "Complicity Cleanse" is a 21-day diet to combat oppression before Trump's inauguration

In an age of detox diets, one cleanse is offering recipes to end racism, sexism, xenophobia and hate.
Dec. 28, 2016

Obama's best feminist moments, from endorsing pay equity to condemning sexual assault

Here's how Obama has made strides toward women's equality.
Dec. 23, 2016

She didn't consent. Now he says he didn’t, either.

They both claim they never gave the other consent for sex. Now the turbulent NYC comedy community must yet again pick sides.
Dec. 22, 2016

Vin Diesel spent almost an entire interview sexually harassing a reporter

The star hardly let Brazilian journalist Carol Moreira do her job because he was too busy commenting on her appearance.
Dec. 19, 2016

9 of the biggest feminist wins of 2016, from Hillary Clinton to 'Lemonade'

A look at moments worth celebrating this year.

Dec. 16, 2016

Texas abortion providers get temporary reprieve from fetal burial rule

A federal district court judge temporarily blocked the anti-abortion measure from taking effect.
Dec. 15, 2016

Sexual assaults in taxis and Ubers could be tracked in a new database

NYC council members have proposed a law that would track rape and sexual abuse in cabs and ride-hailing app services.
Dec. 15, 2016

Over 10 million Americans have been threatened with revenge porn or had their nudes leaked

1 in 25 people has faced the threat of seeing private images shared on the internet without their consent, or worse.
Dec. 15, 2016

College athletes should be punished for being misogynists. But will that end rape culture?

Sure, sexist language can get men pulled from the field — but it can still get them into the Oval Office.
Dec. 14, 2016

Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood ASAP. In Trump's America, that's very scary.

Defunding Planned Parenthood will hurt poor people and people of color the most.

Dec. 13, 2016

Major League Baseball strikes hazing practice of dressing rookie players like women

Starting next season, dressing in drag will no longer be part of the game.
Dec. 10, 2016

The 7 human rights issues that will shape the next generation

There's a long list of challenges ahead — but they're also opportunities for change.
Dec. 9, 2016

The gender wage gap in the US could get worse under Donald Trump

The incoming administration could be a huge threat to women's economic security.
Dec. 8, 2016

Texans may start mailing used tampons to the governor to protest anti-abortion law

Protesters want to make sure they're complying with a new law requiring all miscarried and aborted fetal tissue to be buried.
Dec. 5, 2016

Dylann Roof wants his lawyers back for Charleston church massacre trial

After petitioning to represent himself, Roof has requested legal representation in the guilt phase of his hate crimes trial.

Nov. 30, 2016

Utah lawmakers are trying to force doctors to tell patients some abortions are reversible

A Republican-backed anti-abortion bill relies on science that has been called "tantamount to quackery."
Nov. 29, 2016

Tom Price, Trump's pick for health secretary, is a troubling sign for reproductive rights

The president-elect's choice for Health and Human Services secretary shows he's doubling down on opposition to abortion.
Nov. 29, 2016

Porn star James Deen is still being honored for his work despite sexual abuse allegations

The adult performer was accused of abusing 10 women, but he just keeps getting nominated for awards.
Nov. 23, 2016

People are criticizing Hillary Clinton's DGAF look — while Trump obsesses over his own

Think the focus on the female candidate's appearance wasn't sexist? Guess again.