Luke Brinker
Luke Brinker

March 2, 2015: The date Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election

Clinton's fate now appears to have been sealed 618 days before she conceded defeat to Trump.

Hillary Clinton expected to publicly concede defeat Wednesday morning

Eight years after conceding her first presidential defeat, Clinton is about to acknowledge her second.

Pot legalization gets one of its biggest endorsements yet as Nancy Pelosi backs Prop 64

The former House Speaker's moves reflect the shifting politics of the issue.

Melania Trump modeled in the United States prior to obtaining work visa

The potential first lady appears to have violated immigration law, contrary to the Trump camp's claims.

Panicking Democrats should calm the hell down about Hillary Clinton's chances. Here's why.

A Trump win looks more plausible than it did a few days ago — but just about everything has to break his way.

Hillary Clinton's campaign declares war on FBI Director James Comey amid new email review

"He owes the public the full story — or else he shouldn't have cracked open this door in the first place."


Donald Trump grabs and kisses former Miss Universe onstage in newly unearthed video

Jennifer Hawkins' discomfort is hard to miss.

Secretary of State Joe Biden? VP reportedly Hillary Clinton's top pick for chief diplomat.

The United States may not have seen the last of Joe Biden.

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk accused of racism after tone-deaf jab at opponent's Thai heritage

The context makes Kirk's attack on Tammy Duckworth even worse.

Ammon Bundy and six others found not guilty in Oregon militia trial

The verdict comes nine months after an FBI raid on the far-right militia group.


Election Predictions 2016: Here's who's likely to win the presidential election

All signs point to a third consecutive Democratic term.

Hillary Clinton's not-so-secret weapon in the final presidential debate: Donald Trump

Trump often seemed determined to do Clinton's work for her.

The backdrop of the final presidential debate: A toxic stew of ugliness and paranoia

Trump and Clinton enter Wednesday night's Vegas showdown amid an ever-more-acrimonious climate.

Shock poll shows independent candidate Evan McMullin in statistical tie for first in Utah

The GOP stronghold could elude Donald Trump this November.

Hillary Clinton crushes Donald Trump in national poll taken after #TrumpTapes leak

Is the GOP headed toward a bloodbath?


Donald Trump didn't win the second presidential debate. But he didn't lose it either.

Trump may have stanched the bleeding — but he did nothing to threaten Clinton's lead.

Donald Trump appears with Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers before debate

Trump signals he's about to play hardball.

The RNC just cut off support to Donald Trump. Here's what that means.

Another nail in the Trump campaign coffin?