Samhita Mukhopadhyay
Samhita Mukhopadhyay

2017: The year women’s anger was unleashed

Our rage is where our power lies.

If we want to end rape culture, we need to address insufficient sex education, new book says

"The myth that talking about consent is unsexy comes from nearly every romance ever depicted in even PG films and TV."

The case for arguing with your Trump-supporting relatives this Thanksgiving

Speaking with people who disagree with you requires more than talking points. It requires courage, confidence and comfort with knowing you might argue and they might get mad at you.

Want to get healthy? Shed the cycle of shame around weight, first.

A fitness trainer and writer says we need better role models that help us rethink our relationship to our bodies.

Finding hope in Trump’s America may be too lofty of a goal, but let’s not forget our resilience

Cherokee Nation member: "If we can survive Andrew Jackson, we can survive Trump."

It can be empowering to share women’s stories of pain. But to what end?

The viral #MeToo hashtag shows us that coming forward with your stories of assault and harassment is important, but why are so few men acknowledging their own role in it?

As long as men like Harvey Weinstein run Hollywood, we will not see true parity for women in media

These men don’t act on their own; they are part of a culture that rewards their behavior.

Saudi women gained the right to drive. Let’s not dismiss how historic that is.

Ignoring this momentous decision erases the efforts of women who worked so hard to get here.

Casual sex vs. a serious relationship: What if you don’t want either?

Feminist dilemma: Young women today are settling down later than ever before, but that can make dating complicated.

The first Emmys of the Trump era showed a diverse America. But did it go far enough?

Sunday night's ceremony was filled with historic firsts, a diverse crop of winners and no shortage of insults aimed at Donald Trump.

Burning Man promises to disrupt the modern world. And yet the gender dynamics are all too familiar.

The Nevada arts festival can be incredible, innovative and enriching — but it can also peddle some of the worst gender and race dynamics.

Kamala Harris and the successful woman of color trap

How do we make fair critiques of women of color in politics in a country already hellbent on tearing them down?

Rick Ross won’t sign women rappers because he’s afraid he’ll sleep with them. That’s a problem.

He's trying to be funny, but this is not an uncommon attitude about women in the rap industry.

3 key takeaways from day 4 of the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial

Day 4 presents perhaps the most damning evidence to date.

Kendrick Lamar's mom just reviewed 'DAMN.' in one perfect text message

This is what happens when parents learn emojis.

Don't celebrate just yet — here's why O'Reilly's firing is not a victory for all women

O'Reilly had a long career of harassing women on and off-air.

Islamophobia in America is worse on 9/11/2016 than it was on 9/11/2001

Driven by fear, we lost our humanity.

Rebecca Traister's 'All the Single Ladies' is the perfect love letter to your bestie

"The love between women is so threatening it must be burned" is a dramatic, but relatable, sentiment.

Kenyon College Allegedly Dropped a Rape Case, and the Community Is Furious

"She was raped last night."