Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis

Colin Kaepernick will donate his jersey sale proceeds to communities in need

This is how you give back.


Meet Brandon Dean, a 24-year-old mayor looking to change Brighton, Alabama, for the better

Brandon Dean is the youngest mayor in Brighton, Alabama's history.

Indiana lead poisoning: East Chicago residents forced to leave over dangerous lead levels

The situation is reminding many of the Flint water crisis.

New York teen Zaire Downs is giving away sneakers to his classmates to prevent bullying

"I feel bad for some kids who can't afford them."

Katy Perry just exposed the attack on Leslie Jones for what it really is: misogynoir

Katy Perry just showed the average woke white ally how it's done.

Austin lawmaker Don Zimmerman tells a group of Latino kids to "do something useful"

Don Zimmerman implied much more than what was said.


These tweets expose the hypocrisy in how we react to Ryan Lochte’s robbery lie

Ryan Lochte isn't a kid. He's a 32-year-old man who needs to be held accountable.

White California suspect shoots at police in standoff, is shot with bean bags and arrested

Brea, California, police used "less lethal" bean bags to subdue suspect.

ISIS Leader in Afghanistan Killed By Drone, According to Pentagon

The Pentagon has confirmed Hafiz Saeed Khan's death.

Donnell Thompson Killed by LA County Deputy, Authorities Admit He Was Not a Suspect

Donnell Thompson was mistaken for a carjacker and killed by authorities.

Firefighter's House Burned to The Ground Days After He Received a Racist Letter

The anonymous letter said "niggers are not allowed to be firefighters."


Meet Fadumo Dayib, The Woman Risking Everything to Become Somalia's First Female President

Fadumo Dayib wants to change Somalia for the better.

Black Officers Call for Reporter to Resign After This Offensive Joke About Michael Brown

A city officer and a reporter have reportedly posted horrible comments about Michael Brown on Facebook.

These 'Arthur' Memes Perfectly Nail How We Talk About Race in the United States

"And I say, 'Hey! What a wonderful kind of day.'"

Smoochr App Sorts Dating Options by Hair Type, Skin Color — Black Twitter Isn’t Having It

The app has been called a "digital paper bag test."

WNBA Players Fined for Wearing Shirts in Solidarity With Alton Sterling, Philando Castile

Several WNBA teams and players have been fined.


Hoax Bomb Suspect Arrested After Standoff With Police in NYC's Columbus Circle

The NYPD arrested Hector Meneses Thursday morning.

New Video Shows Black Man Charles Kinsey Telling Police He's Unarmed Before Being Shot

Kinsey, a therapist at a group home in North Miami, was trying to help an escaped autistic patient.

Meet Isaiah Cooper, the Compton Teen Who Just Took an 8,000-Mile Flight Around the US

Isaiah Cooper wants to break the world record when he turns 18.

Baltimore Photographer Tenney Mason Was Arrested and Held for 7 Hours at Afromation March

Over 60 protesters were arrested in Baltimore Saturday.