Andrew Leung
Andrew Leung

Your Guide to the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner, From Start Time to Livestream

With 7 years of experience, Obama is sure to make his last White House Correspondents' Dinner a memorable one.


New Research Suggests Sugar Causes Brain Damage — But There May Be a Fishy Cure

Have your cake, but then eat this too.

Drake Previews 'Views' With a Visual on the Eve of His New Album Release

View this visual before listening to 'Views'

Laverne Cox, Other Celebs Promoting #JusticeReformNow Over This Unsettling US Prison Stat

#JusticeReformNow sheds light on the disparity between the U.S. Population and the U.S. prison population.

What's Coming to Hulu in May? Here's a Complete List of Movies and Shows You Can Stream

"It's gonna be May" and perfect for TV-bingeing.

Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Troll Who Tried to Shame Her Post-Pregnancy Weightloss Journey

Kim Kardashian didn't give up bread just for you to accuse her of cheating on her diet.


DJ Mag’s 25th Anniversary Issue Doesn't Have a Single Woman on Its Cover

'DJ Mag' wanted to avoid "tokenism."

10 Deep Sea Creatures That Prove Aliens Are Here on Earth

There's some weird-ass shit in the deep sea...

This Hot Sauce Is So Spicy, GE Had to Bottle It With Jet Engine Material

Hopefully this hot sauce won't burn through your bag...

5 "Healthy" Foods That Aren't Really Healthy at All

As if trying to eat healthy wasn't difficult enough...

Beyonce "Pray You Catch Me" Lyrics and Meaning: Is It About Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce?

Beyoncé can smell the dishonesty all over your breath.

Beyoncé's "Sorry": Lyrics and Meaning Behind 'Lemonade' Breakup Anthem

Beyoncé thinks you better call Becky with the good hair.

Passover's OK for Weed Smoking Because of Its "Healing" Scent, Says Extremely Chill Rabbi

Matzoh isn't the only thing getting baked tonight.

This Billboard Kills Hundreds of Zika Virus Mosquitoes in Brazil With "Sweat"

The Mosquito Killer Billboard can simultaneously educate onlookers while murdering mosquitoes.

What Are Boogers? How They Form and Why You Should Occasionally Eat Them

Instead of taking an antihistamine for your allergies, have you tried eating your boogers?

DeepArt Turns Your Selfies Into Works of Art Worthy of a Museum

Turns out, all you need is neuroscience to produce a piece of art befitting a museum.


Earth Day 2016 Deals and Freebies — From Appliances to Clothes to Roller Coasters!

Celebrate Earth Day by getting a bunch of deals.

5 Budgeting Tips and Habits for the Broke AF Millennial

Avoid digging yourself into a deeper financial hole. Stick to a budget.

Rihanna "Needed Me" Video Drops, Features Songstress Shooting Someone, Lots of Strippers

Rihanna's "Needed Me" video is definitely NSFW.

Tupac Shakur Takes on Donald Trump and Corporate Greed in Never Released 1992 Interview

Tupac Shakur's criticism of Donald Trump was 24 years in the making.