Michael Arceneaux
Michael Arceneaux

I expected more from Blac Chyna’s rap debut — yes, seriously

A few unsolicited tips for the social-media-star-turned-rapper.

Yes, there were historic wins in the midterms — but racism too often taints the victories

Even with sparks of light, I can’t help but be angry, and I am fearful of what is to come.

‘The Conners’ is good so let ‘Roseanne’ stay dead

Believe it or not, ABC's new revival of a revival actually works.

Who asked for trap Usher?

The artist's latest album '"A"' is ... well, I miss the old Usher.

I’d be fine never hearing from Kanye West again, thank you very much

Who really has the patience or interest to keep up with this guy anymore?

Bill Cosby is a monster, not a martyr — no matter what his supporters say

The disgraced icon's defenders are trying to turn his conviction into a black-versus-white issue, but that's completely wrongheaded.

Why doesn’t Cardi B know who runs her Facebook page in 2018?

There were transphobic messages on the Bronx rapper's page, and she refuses to apologize for it.

Does Eminem really expect us to believe he’s sorry for calling Tyler, the Creator a homophobic slur?

The always-controversial rapper recently apologized — sort of — for insulting Tyler with his favorite bit of hate speech.

Blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death is a cruel way to grieve the late rapper

People on social media were quick to send hateful messages to Miller's ex-girlfriend.

Happy birthday, Beyoncé. Thank you for giving us these hilarious viral moments on the #OTRII tour.

Why goofy Beyoncé is my favorite genre of Beyoncé.

How are these female rappers surprised that people are upset with their homophobia?

Doja Cat and Yung Miami are just two artists who've recently upset people with their use of gay slurs.

In praise of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen Radio,’ my new favorite thing

If the iconic rapper ever decides she's done with hip-hop, she should seriously consider hosting a talk show.

Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap. She needs to start acting like it.

At this point, the New York emcee is a legend — so why does she seem so insecure about her position in the industry?

Aretha Franklin wasn’t just a legendary singer. She was also a civil rights hero.

The Queen of Soul made it clear that she had an undying devotion to the advancement of black people.

‘Love & Hip Hop’ is good again, thanks to Hollywood

The VH1 series is finally back with enough mess to keep me tuned in from week to week.

Jada Pinkett Smith is your new favorite talk show host

Her new Facebook Watch show, 'Red Table Talk,' is rewarding and renewed for a second season.

Enough with the “Trump and Putin are gay” jokes

Why is this something we need to explain in 2018?

The new Whitney Houston documentary is more revealing than the first, but it’s the last one we need

Director Kevin Macdonald delves into Houston's childhood in a way that no other filmmaker has before.

The taunting of Terry Crews is a disappointing low

Why are other black men turning his sexual assault into a punchline?

‘Pose’ offers viewers more than the trauma porn about trans and queer people that we’re used to

The FX series has already been seismic in its changes to the way the lives of trans people are explored on-screen.