Kate Bratskeir
Kate Bratskeir
Senior editor, Out of Office

Park City, Utah, has the “greatest snow on Earth” — but there’s tons to do in the summer, too

The skiing is world-class, but you can also partake in some unique yoga adventures or explore the snowless slopes on a mountain bike.

Saratoga Springs isn’t just for horse people — it’s a nature escape with great food, too

What’s great about Saratoga is you can do it up luxuriously or have an adventurous few days without breaking the bank.

McDonald’s could change the coffee industry as we know it

When McDonald's makes climate change a corporate issue, the rest of the industry has no choice but to follow suit.

How to be less of a garbage person: A guide to recycling your holiday gift packages and Amazon boxes

When you order something online, the package contains a whole lot more than what you added to your virtual shopping cart.

Food documentary ‘Secret Ingredients’ challenges the idea that GMOs and pesticides are safe

The film focuses on several individuals — including those with autism, chronic pain and infertility issues — who've benefited from dietary changes.

People from 20 countries share what’s in their refrigerators — and what goes to waste

"Any leftovers go to the dog.”

Stories That Pay Off: Help! I drained my savings and am spiraling into panic.

One reader writes in for advice on what to do when you've just depleted your savings account on a big purchase.

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ finale is a love letter to New York, the city he called home

Bourdain visits the Lower East Side, the neighborhood of his punk rock youth.

Food and Politics: How Coke and Pepsi tricked Americans into voting against soda taxes

In other news, Mike Pence visits a Chick-Fil-A.

This Week in Food and Travel: Cage-free eggs will soon be an industry standard

The week was packed with election-related news, but you may have missed this tidbit.

Airlines waste incredible amounts of food. Here’s how some are trying to do better

Airlines produce approximately 5.2 million tons of waste per year.

The most important item on Oprah’s Favorite Things list is a 3-way lasagna pan

And when you cook with the lasagna pan, you can envision yourself cooking like Oprah might.

California passes Proposition 12, which means only cage-free eggs can be sold in the state

Some are hailing this as the country’s most progressive animal welfare bill yet. Not PETA.

Weed wins: Michigan legalizes recreational marijuana, while Utah and Missouri approve medical use

Michigan will become the 10th state in the country to legalize marijuana.

Election Day 2018: All the free stuff you can get with your vote

It's the land of the free, after all, so get your free cupcakes and discounted Uber rides Tuesday.

Anthony Bourdain was a fierce advocate for immigrants — and we could really use his voice right now

Without Bourdain to champion the rights of those who need it most, who's going to step up in this critical time?

Why is CBD booming? It taps into our unrelenting obsession with self-care.

CBD promises anxiety relief while simultaneously signaling to the world that we're deserving of self-care.

Stories That Pay Off: How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make money

Plus: how companies are encouraging Americans to vote and how to curb your Uber habit.

What was it like to work with Anthony Bourdain? The ‘Parts Unknown’ crew spills in special episode.

“Only pet the baby when it’s sleeping" was Bourdain's philosophy for showing his crew appreciation.