Kate Bratskeir
Kate Bratskeir
Senior Editor, Out of Office

A new project catalogs 20,000 weird and wonderful objects lost in Amsterdam’s canals

The collection, 10 years in the making, shines a light on daily life in Amsterdam throughout history.

The “blended burger” could replace the classic American hamburger

Some argue adding mushrooms to ground beef makes for a superior-tasting burger.

Starbucks will ban plastic straws by 2020. But is its new lid really any better for the environment?

Starbucks is devising a few alternatives for sipping, but whether they're really a solution is up for debate.

The rise of the plastic-free, zero-waste grocery store

The grocery store of the future is here, and there's no single-use plastic to be found anywhere.

Anthony Bourdain contemplates happiness, life and death in the ‘Parts Unknown’ season finale

The final episode was filmed in Bhutan, a country that's been called "the land of happiness."

Low wages and no breaks: Study shows the dark side of the supply chain at Walmart and Whole Foods

"Just a few cents more would change the lives of women and men that make our food.”

A running list of restaurants, hotels and cities in America banning plastic straws

California is putting the rest of the country to shame.

Why the future of food — and hunger — is in the hands of chefs

Chefs are often the face of food. Here's how they can influence food policy and educate diners.

Pro Tips: What a frequent solo traveler wants you to know before your first trip alone

Travel journalist and author Stephanie Rosenbloom on easing your way into solo travel, the most comfortable walking socks and more

“Everybody wanted to be a little bit of Anthony Bourdain”: CNN remembers Bourdain in special tribute

“I would describe myself as a lucky cook who gets to tell stories," Bourdain said previously. "I’m certainly not a journalist, I’m not a chef anymore. I'm a storyteller."

A look back at the life of Anthony Bourdain, chef and television personality, who died at 61

Bourdain was known for his passion for storytelling, his outspoken personality and his deep love of food.

Plastic straws are on their way out — these green alternatives are the best way to drink this summer

In the U.S. alone, 500 million plastic straws are used every single day.

A large percentage of LGBT people rely on food stamps. If Trump’s bill passes, more will go hungry.

The myth of gay affluence overshadows the fact that LGBT people are disproportionately food insecure.

At the world’s first fully accessible water park, every guest can swing, splash and play in sand

Morgan’s Inspiration Island admits anyone with a disability free of charge.

Kayak’s new tool wants to solve one of the biggest problems in travel: planning a group trip

Organizing your sister's bachelorette party for 30 of her closest friends is no longer a complete nightmare.

McDonald’s shareholders vote against a companywide ban of plastic straws

The fast food company will continue to use plastic straws in its stores worldwide.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is the latest brand to wade into the world of vague political messaging

The new campaign is all about "the contemporary American dream."

The subtle ways Disney World makes sure it’s the “happiest place on Earth” for people of all sizes

This might just be the No. 1 reason there are so many Disney superfans.

Nespresso has found a new way to recycle its aluminum coffee capsules: fancy Swiss pens

The coffee company is rewriting the rules of sustainability.

HelloFresh’s newest feature could cut your lunch costs in half

The meal kit company wants to help fight the sad desk lunch phenomenon.