Kate Bratskeir
Kate Bratskeir
Senior Editor, Out of Office

Can CBD oil help dogs with stress, anxiety, aches and pain? And is it safe?

An increasing number of CBD products for pets have hit the market, meant to target conditions ranging from anxiety to pain and mobility.

Ted Cruz has a history of using food to scare people into voting for him

At a recent campaign event, Cruz said, "If Texas elects a Democrat, they're going to ban barbecue across the state of Texas."

The CEO of Waffle House is in Wilmington, North Carolina, to serve breakfast to Florence victims

The Waffle House CEO is in Wilmington, North Carolina, to support the local restaurants, and chef José Andrés and his team have been on the ground since Friday.

Congress has reserved funds to pay its interns for the first time in decades

Previous investigations from Mic revealed that roughly 90% of House members and more than half of Senate members don’t pay their interns.

Kal Penn goes to White Castle — this time to convince meat lovers to try its Impossible Burger

Fourteen years after the debut of 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,' Kal Penn returns as the face of the burger chain's partnership with the Impossible Burger.

Houston has no defining culinary identity — and that’s why its food is so incredibly good

Is it pho? Tex-mex? Barbecue? Houston's food evangelists could spend all day debating what defines the city's food.

Starbucks opens its first store in coffee-obsessed Italy

Italian coffee culture and Starbucks have very little in common, but one expert still thinks the green mermaid will thrive.

Hospitals are finally starting to care about the food they serve

More experts are embracing the idea that food is medicine — and changing the way hospitals think about the role of food.

What are the benefits of CBD — and is it the magical elixir that will save us from our anxiety?

You can get CBD in your cold brew, in your ice cream sundae and in your lemonade. But is the cannabis derivative worth the hype, or is it more of a snake oil?

Thanksgiving 2018 airfare deals: The best time to book a cheap flight for holiday travel

Both Hipmunk and Google have released new data on the best times to book Thanksgiving travel.

The cost of a dog: Here’s how expensive it can be to own a pooch

Dog owners underestimate the amount of money they spend on their pets.

Stories That Pay Off: How to get money back from airlines

Airlines often say you can’t request compensation until you’re done with travel. By that time, a lot of the frustration fades. If you stick with it, however, you may find your pockets a bit heavier.

A new report says traces of Monsanto pesticide found in many popular, oat-based breakfast foods

Even organic oat products are susceptible to pesticide contamination.

Why Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park is much more than a tourist attraction

The world's first underwater sculpture park has a symbiotic relationship with the ocean and the creatures that live there.

Milo Cress, the kid who started the straw ban movement, doesn’t think banning straws is the answer

When he was 9, Milo Cress founded the project Be Straw Free.

How to use less plastic in your everyday life

One expert says in order to reduce your waste, start with the big four: plastic straws, water bottles, coffee cups and plastic bags.

At this Caribbean hotel, guests can help with conservation efforts by killing fish

The lionfish is an invasive species that will consume any living underwater creature it can fit in its mouth.

Why people are putting mushrooms in their coffee

Powdered mushrooms dissolve into coffee with ease, and many claim the combination has some truly good health benefits.

A new project catalogs 20,000 weird and wonderful objects lost in Amsterdam’s canals

The collection, 10 years in the making, shines a light on daily life in Amsterdam throughout history.

The “blended burger” could replace the classic American hamburger

Some argue adding mushrooms to ground beef makes for a superior-tasting burger.