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What time will Rihanna perform at the 2016 MTV VMAs? Here's everything we know

The singer will be honored with the Video Vanguard Award on August 28.


Usain Bolt List of 2016 Olympic Events and the Times He'll Need to Beat to PR

Will the fastest man alive shatter his personal records in Rio?

5 Fast Facts About Nathan Adrian, Olympics 2016 Swimmer, You Should Know

After coming in sixteenth place during qualifying heats, Adrian came in first in the men's 100-meter freestyle semifinals.


If you're an eligible young person in 2016, it's your responsibility to #69TheVote — sound funny? It's actually dead serious.

Rio Olympics 2016 Medal Count Day 2: Here's Who Took Home the Gold

All the gold, silver and bronze medal winners for day two of the Olympics.


Rio Olympics 2016 Day 1 Recap: The Most Viral Moments From First Day of the Games

The biggest moments from the first day of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The Money Talk — Presented by Mic and SoFi

Your burning questions — answered.

What Time Does Vice President Joe Biden Speak at the Democratic Convention?

Joe Biden will speak shortly before Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is expected to accept his party's VP nomination.

What Time Will Bill Clinton Speak at the Democratic National Convention? Schedule Unclear

Bill Clinton will take to the DNC stage once again — this time in a decidedly new role.


The One Reform That Could Bring Republicans and Democrats Together

If neither party gets too scared of being painted as "soft on crime," there's an issue where Republicans and Democrats can find more common ground than they think.

This is How Much Marijuana Prohibition Costs You, the Taxpayer

Like it or not, your tax dollars support marijuana prohibition and massive incarceration. But, just how much is it?

How Do You Make a Good Old Fashioned? You'll Need These 2 Ingredients

Nobody knows where the word "cocktail" comes from, but if you drink two or three Old Fashioneds on a summer day, your guess will be as good as anybody else's.

Your Old iPhone is Now in a China Landfill With 3.62 Million Tons Of Other E-Waste

Ever wondered where all of the discarded devices ultimately end up? Many electronics, large and small, begin and end their life in China.