Khushbu Shah
Khushbu Shah

Now you can buy the least woke beer, aptly called "Stay Woke"

File this under "very bad ideas."


9 Columbused foods to problematically eat on Columbus Day

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Astronaut food and the diet of an average college kid are more similar than you'd think?

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Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians don't just eat pasta for dinner.

Can an air fryer really make french fries healthier? Here's how the kitchen gadget works.

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Want to reduce crime in America? Try giving kids better food.

It's a lot cheaper to provide healthful food to children than to put someone through the incarceration system.

Why you should be eating an Icelandic breakfast

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Everything you need to know about ube — the purple yam that's more than a hipster trend

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Bomb squad called over box of cookies with Arabic text, Islamaphobia alive and well

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Oktoberfest has a sexual assault problem — it isn't all brats and beers

At the Munich festival, there are designated tents to provide aid for victims of violence.


Say hello to taiyaki, the adorable fish-shaped ice cream cones taking over Instagram

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5 million Somalis — the populations of SF, Chicago and Philly combined — are starving

300,000 of the people affected are children under the age of five.

Islamophobia — and the demand for halal food — are on the rise in the US

What does it mean when a culture's food is celebrated, but its people aren't?

Chrissy Teigen says she's not offended by the term "Oriental," but maybe she should be

"It's a Eurocentric term from a time when people from Asia were seen as lesser human beings."

Most Americans don't drink instant coffee, but that's about to change soon

Don't miss out on the good brew: A number of companies are working to make instant coffee actually taste good.

A look inside Eid al-Adha in China, where 23M Muslims are considered the minority

"It is the one time of the year that Muslims can really take over public space,” said photographer Liz Hingley.