Emily C. Singer
Emily C. Singer

“She was arrested for doing her job”: Georgia senator arrested at voting rights rally

Georgia state Sen. Nikema Williams was arrested Tuesday at a rally at the state's Capitol building.

The lame duck congressional session is here — these are the issues that will dominate

This lame duck session will be dominated by two issues: Funding the government and electing a new slate of House leaders, given that Democrats wrested away control of the lower chamber from the GOP.

CNN sues Trump administration to reinstate reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials

CNN on Tuesday announced that it filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and other senior White House officials, accusing them of violating Jim Acosta’s First Amendment rights.

Today in Trump’s America: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema becomes Arizona’s first female, LGBTQ senator

More ballots remain to be counted, but Sinema defeated Republican Martha McSally, 49.7% to 48%, when the 'Associated Press' called the race.

As nation observes Veterans Day, Trump not visiting Arlington National Cemetery

Instead of spending his Monday marking Veterans Day, Trump has instead been tweeting fake conspiracy theories about the midterm elections.

Today in Trump’s America: Democrats making more midterm gains as ballots are counted

Late-arriving mail-in ballots, as well as provisional ballots cast on Election Day, continue to be counted in states across the country, and Democrats are making gains — especially in Western states.

Federal prosecutors have evidence that Trump was directly involved in illegal hush money payments

Federal prosecutors have evidence that President Donald Trump was directly involved in the illegal hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Today in Trump’s America: Recount roils Florida Senate race as Democrats show optimism

In Florida, the Senate race between Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and GOP Gov. Rick Scott is now in hand recount territory, as ballots continue to be counted.

“Nelson is going to be declared the winner”: Dem lawyer predicts victory in Florida Senate recount

Florida's hotly contested governor's race also could be headed for a recount.

Today in Trump’s America: White House cooks up fake excuse to revoke Jim Acosta’s press pass

The move appears to be yet another distraction from Trump’s behavior — this time the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which came Wednesday afternoon.

The Senate would have flipped to Democrats if only people under 44 had voted

If only people under age 44 had turned up to vote on Tuesday, Democrats would have flipped the Senate, with the party holding a 52-to-48 seat majority.

Beto O’Rourke, one of the Democrats’ biggest rising stars, is now unemployed. What does he do next?

The rising Democratic star made the race exceedingly close, losing just 48.3% to 50.9% — a fact that’s leaving many asking what O’Rourke does next, including whether he’ll run for president.

4 takeaways from Tuesday’s midterm elections

There are some more nuanced takeaways from those top-line results.

Today in Trump’s America: Democrats win the House, Republicans expand their Senate majority

It was a split decision in Tuesday’s midterms, as Democrats won the House majority for the first time since 2010 and picked up a number of key governor mansions, but lost seats in the Senate.

Democrat Abby Finkenauer ousts two-term GOP representative in Iowa’s 1st District

With her win, Finkenauer has become one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress.

Democrats set to win control of the House in midterm wave

A Democratic House victory was almost unfathomable when the cycle began two years ago, as the congressional map was gerrymandered after 2010 to benefit Republicans.

Republicans maintain Senate control

A number of Senate races are still outstanding, but Democrats lost incumbents in Indiana and North Dakota and failed to pick up Republican-held districts in Tennessee and Texas.

Randy Bryce, the Democrat known as “Iron Stache,” loses in Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin district

Bryce’s candidacy peaked in the early days of his campaign, when one of his videos went viral.

Sharice Davids becomes Kansas’ first lesbian, Native American member of Congress

Davids' victory is a sign college-educated suburban voters are turning away from the Republican Party.

Democrat Amy McGrath loses in Kentucky’s 6th District

Barr’s victory is proof a Democratic wave could only go so far in a district like Kentucky’s 6th, which President Donald Trump carried by 15 points in 2016.