Will Drabold
Will Drabold

Will Drabold is a policy writer at Mic. He writes Navigating Trump's America, Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. He is based in Washington, D.C., and can be reached at wdrabold@mic.com

Dec. 12, 2017

As all eyes turn to Alabama’s election, Doug Jones made a direct appeal to black voters

"At some point, we gotta stop looking like idiots to the nation."

Dec. 8, 2017

Why progressives are being cautious over who should replace Al Franken

A source close to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told 'Mic' the congressman is considering a Senate bid.
Dec. 8, 2017

The #MeToo campaign has swept Capitol Hill. Are there more resignations to come?

Whether you wanted Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to resign is irrelevant. What matters now is the precedent set by his resignation.
Dec. 7, 2017

Susan Collins and Jeff Flake’s support for tax reform no longer makes sense

Other Republicans have balked at giving both GOP senators what they demanded in return for supporting tax reform.
Dec. 6, 2017

Republicans are muted on whether Sen. Al Franken should resign

"How [Democrats] police it, that's an internal issue for them to deal with," Sen. Bob Corker said.
Dec. 6, 2017

Trump and Republicans are taking aim at programs that help the poor. That’s nothing new.

While a focus on welfare reform would be new, the Republican goals for reform are not.

Dec. 5, 2017

Why Washington’s fight over protecting 800,000 immigrants could shut down the government

Democrats and moderate Republicans are facing off against a powerful conservative minority over whether to protect people who came to the U.S. as children.
Dec. 5, 2017

Here’s what Republican tax cuts could pay for

The tax cuts could pay for a decade worth of food stamps, nutrition and health care for infants and mothers, heating assistance for low-income families and cash grants to poor, struggling families.
Dec. 5, 2017

Fewer refugees, more deportation arrests: 9 figures that show how Trump has changed immigration

Fewer people are being arrested at the border, but there has been a 40% jump in the number of people arrested for deportation within the U.S.
Dec. 4, 2017

Republicans are championing a deeply, historically unpopular agenda

From health care and taxes, to Roy Moore and immigration, the GOP consistently veers toward positions deeply disliked by most Americans.
Dec. 2, 2017

In Maine, Susan Collins’ “yes” vote on tax plan brings devastation

“We definitely won’t see clapping at the airport.”

Dec. 2, 2017

Hours after writing a 479-page bill, Senate Republicans pass a sweeping tax plan

The American tax code was rewritten in a few hours on Friday night, as Republicans passed a hastily prepared bill that slashes corporate tax rates. The bill heads to the House.
Dec. 1, 2017

What caused Republicans to hit a snag on their tax bill? Let them tell you

Republicans are furiously trying to revise their tax plan to pass it before the weekend.
Dec. 1, 2017

Even senators who just voted for a corporate tax cut can’t explain how it helps workers

Only one of six Republican senators offered a specific example of how a corporate tax cut would increase employment.
Nov. 30, 2017

Top House Democrat: “I’m not interested in bills” that do not protect DACA recipients

The stakes are rising in Congress over whether Republicans can strike a deal to keep the government open and protect immigrants who came to the US as children.
Nov. 30, 2017

From phone campaigns to screaming street protests, Republicans are “under siege” over their tax plan

“The level of furious opposition creates the background conditions for the inside negotiations."

Nov. 30, 2017

11 changes in the Senate GOP tax bill that could affect you

This is what you should know as Republicans work to pass their tax plan.
Nov. 29, 2017

When studies say the GOP tax plan hurts the middle class, Republican senators dismiss the findings

"It's just — it's wrong." "It's not true." "Economic forecasting makes those late-night psychic hotlines they advertise on TV look great."
Nov. 28, 2017

“Time is not our friend here”: GOP senator suggests tax bill is in trouble if voters learn about it

A Republican senator said Tuesday afternoon that the GOP needed to pass their tax bill soon to avoid it being killed by opposition.
Nov. 28, 2017

In Puerto Rico, Bernie Sanders wants to put his progressive vision for America to the test

“This is as close as you can get to a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Puerto Rico."