Alison Durkee
Alison Durkee

Judge sides with Trump administration in Planned Parenthood Title X funding lawsuit

The ruling upholds new guidelines that favor family planning providers who emphasize abstinence.

Here’s where 9 potential Senate swing votes stand on Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation

Some senators could break with their parties when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation vote.

Coming up this week in politics: Trump and Putin meet while Freedom Caucus mulls impeachment charges

Trump will meet with Vladimir Putin, as family reunification efforts continue and Republicans take aim at the Mueller investigation.

Trump set to meet Vladimir Putin Monday, days after Russian indictments in Mueller probe

Democrats and former government officials fear Trump is ill-prepared for the Monday meeting.

Protesters and police clash in Chicago following shooting of black man

The violent protest broke out when a man was shot after being confronted by police.

House Appropriations Committee votes to allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in adoption and foster care

Allowing faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against same-sex and non-Christian couples could have a detrimental effect on adoption rates.

Trump’s UK visit will spark massive protests that have been years in the making

The British have been opposed to Trump coming to the U.K. since before his inauguration — and they're preparing to greet him with widespread protests.

The 14th amendment turns 150 today, but its legacy in Supreme Court rulings is now uncertain

The 150-year-old amendment has been the key to securing desegregation, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights and more.

Coming up this week in politics: Supreme Court gets a nominee and Trump heads to Europe

Trump will announce a Supreme Court nominee Monday before traveling to the United Kingdom amid mass protests.

Trump team demands proof from Mueller investigation in latest attempt to sway public opinion

Giuliani's comments Sunday mark the latest attempt by the Trump team to discredit the Mueller investigation.

Mike Pompeo dismisses North Korea’s criticism of recent meeting and US’ “gangster-like requests”

Pompeo said "the world is a gangster" when it comes to North Korea.


California sanctuary laws challenged by the Trump administration mostly upheld

The court upheld California's right to inspect detention facilities and stop its law enforcement officers from sharing information with federal immigration authorities.

These states have “trigger laws” banning abortion on the books in case ‘Roe v. Wade’ is overturned

'Roe v. Wade' is under threat — and some conservative states are ready to take action against abortion if the landmark case is overturned.

Susan Collins, Senate swing vote, is opposed to activist judge who wants to overturn ‘Roe v. Wade’

Collins said she will only vote for judges that "demonstrate a respect for precedent" — including on abortion.

Trump: Abortion “could very well end up with the states at some point”

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump suggested his Supreme Court pick could overturn 'Roe v. Wade' and praised Kim Jong Un while criticizing the European Union and Democrats.

Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch’s first full term results in a slew of 5-4 conservative opinions

The Supreme Court's latest term was full of conservative rulings that could have wide-reaching effects.

Supreme Court rules in favor of anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” in 5-4 ruling

The ruling could have broad effects on free speech that go beyond reproductive health.

Walgreens denied a woman a drug to induce miscarriage — and that’s legal in 6 states

The pharmacist was allowed to refuse to fill the prescription due to his "ethical beliefs" under both Walgreens policy and Arizona state law.

Trump administration says it can locate separated children, but reunification will be a challenge

The Trump administration says it has a process to reunify families, but big challenges still remain.

Coming up this week in politics: Supreme Court issues major rulings as immigration debate continues

The immigration debate will continue alongside primary elections and the Supreme Court's final rulings of the term.