Susmita Baral
Susmita Baral

There’s about to be a version of Windows that you can control with your eyes

It will help people suffering from neuromuscular diseases and disabilities use a computer.

IOS 11 Beta 4: Check out all the new features on the latest iPhone OS

It's a teaser for what's to come this fall.

Tesla Model 3 Release: When will the new cars actually ship?

Tesla is ramping up production — but it might be a few months, or longer, until one is in your driveway.

The subtle way your Facebook feed is about to change

It's all about speed.

The sponge in your kitchen sink is filled with bacteria — and no, you can’t clean it

Researchers discovered a portion of a sponge about size of a sugar cube could have 54 billion bacterial cells.

Scientists caught rare “jet lightning” on camera

It's considered to be the tallest type of lightning in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is almost here — this is what you can expect

It's going to be similar to the S8.

Everything you need to know about the Perseid meteor shower this summer

The solar eclipse isn't the only big event in August.

How to get more followers on Snapchat: 6 proven tips

Step up your snap game one follower at a time.

iPhone 8 Release Features: New clues suggest Apple’s 2017 device may have infrared face detection

Did Apple just leak a major feature of the iPhone 8 in the HomePod firmware code?

When is the next solar eclipse after 2017? If you miss this one, you’re in trouble.

You may not see the next one.

Sarahah is the hot new app for teens

It offers teens anonymous commentary.

Facebook is rumored to be working on a smart speaker — here’s everything we know

Imagine a world where you can hear your Facebook comments on your smart speaker.

There’s now a cochlear implant processor made to work with your iPhone

It's allegedly the first in the world of its kind.

China just introduced a self-driving boat and drones that can save drowning people

Technology can save dozens of lives at one Chinese lake.

Everything we don’t know about the iPhone 8

There are a lot of unanswered questions.

How to make GIFs in Facebook’s new GIF maker

The feature is only available to select users.

Amazon might take over another aspect of your life — messaging

It will reportedly place emphasis on group chatting.

Scientists just stored an entire film clip in DNA

They added a GIF to E. coli genome.