Julia Tilford
Julia Tilford

Last-minute DIY gifts for Valentine's Day 2017: Candy-infused vodka, pottery and more

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How many executive orders did Obama sign? Here's his track record.

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Snow Forecast for NYC, Boston 2017: What Winter Storm Niko is expected to bring

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Bernie Sanders slams Senate for silencing Elizabeth Warren, reads letter she didn't get to

Sanders — along with three other male senators — was allowed to read the letter Warren was silenced for reading.


Putin just signed a bill decriminalizing domestic violence in Russia

Russia already sees 12,000 women die annually from domestic violence.

How long will Super Bowl 2017 last? Here's what time the game typically ends.

When should you expect the Super Bowl to end?

What time is the Super Bowl 2017 kickoff? Here's what to expect

The game is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Super Bowl Channel: Here are your options for watching the Patriots vs. the Falcons

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Why is February Black History Month?

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8 of the most iconic moments in space exploration history

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These 4 luxury products are both absurd and awesome

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Who is Sean Spicer? What to know about Trump's White House press secretary

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When will the new NYC MTA fare increase go into effect?

How long do we have before the fare increase begins?

NYC MTA Fare Increase 2017: Here's how much the cost of subway and bus rides will go up

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Gay Rights Under Trump: 7 things Obama did to protect LGBTQ people that Trump could undo

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