Alex Perry
Alex Perry

‘Sonic Mania’ Review: The best ‘Sonic’ game in years is mostly just a remake — and that’s a shame

'Sonic Mania' new game offers some of Sonic’s finest hour in many years, but it still falls into some obvious traps that hold it back from its potential.

‘Dota 2’ International Documentary Review: TBS esports show is fascinating, but not a success

The TBS documentary about pro 'Dota 2' players is at its best when it's not about video games.

‘Destiny 2’ PC Restrictions: Bungie restricts use of OBS, XSplit and PC monitoring software

'Destiny 2' will have some restrictions with certain streaming apps on PC.

‘NBA Live 18’ WNBA: 21 years after its debut, women’s basketball is finally included in a video game

The biggest women's professional basketball league is finally making its video game debut in 'NBA Live 18.'

‘Midnight Club’ 2017 Reboot: Leaked screenshots supposedly show new game in Rockstar’s racing series

These screenshots look a little fishy, but they're worth checking out.

‘The Witcher’ Coloring Book Release Date: Yes, it includes the naked bathtub picture

Ninety-six pages of pure Polish "The Witcher' fantasy can be yours in November.

‘Destiny 2’ Split Screen: Why Bungie doesn’t care about local multiplayer anymore

Sorry, but split screen co-op in 'Destiny 2' just doesn't make a ton of sense for the kind of game Bungie is making.

‘Pyre’ doesn’t have traditional game overs — and neither should other RPGs

Losing is part of life. It should be a part of video games too.

‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Preview: Here’s what we thought of co-op and single-player

The most bizarre crossover game in years is actually a great intro to a hardcore genre.

‘Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’: How Ubisoft convinced Nintendo to make the bizarre mashup

It took several stressful meetings in Japan to convince Nintendo to make this strange tactics game.

‘Destiny 2’ PS4 Controller: Ugly exclusive controller revealed as part of new bundles

If you only plan on playing one video game for the foreseeable future, and that game is 'Destiny,' this is the PS4 controller for you.

‘Diablo 4’ News: Five things we want to see from Blizzard when the release date finally arrives

We have no idea when Blizzard will make 'Diablo 4,' but we know what we want from it.

‘Splatoon 2’ Best Weapons: What tier is best for your play style?

Do you like sniping or getting up in people's faces?

‘Destiny 2’ PC Beta and Recommended Specs: Get your rig together for Aug. 28

You can play 'Destiny 2' on max settings soon.

‘Pyre’ Review-in-Progress: Supergiant’s sports RPG is unlike anything else

Supergiant's latest game, 'Pyre,' gives a hell of a first impression.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Beta: Sign-ups for the closed beta delayed until August

Ready to sign up for the 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' closed beta? Set your calendars for Aug. 22.

‘Destiny 2’ clan migration starts soon: Here’s what you need to know

Keep your eye on today if you want to migrate your 'Destiny' clan to 'Destiny 2.'

‘The Sims 4’ Xbox One release date leaks on the Xbox Live store

Something went wrong on the Xbox Live store, but it produced some good new for anyone hoping for a 'Sims 4' Xbox One release date.

Xbox Games with Gold August 2017: ‘Slime Rancher’ and ‘Trials Fusion’ headline free games list

'Bayonetta' is also part of the monthly free games offering from Xbox Live Gold.

‘Splatoon 2’ Salmon Run Closed: Grizzco runs on a schedule, so get your play time in when it’s open

Salmon Run in 'Splatoon 2' is great, but the way it works is a bit strange.