Scott Lemieux
Scott Lemieux

Clinton is right to criticize the media. Demands to the contrary show the double standard she faced.

Hillary Clinton has begun to talk about how the media coverage of her emails affected the election. Suddenly, a coterie of people want her to shut up.

Here's the fatal flaw in both versions of Trump's Muslim ban

One of the basic tests for constitutionality is that laws have to have a purpose. Trump's ban's only goal is discrimination.

Here are the 3 arguments that could stop Trump's Muslim ban

An appeals court seemed not to find the Trump administration's defense of the Muslim ban persuasive.

Judge Neil Gorsuch would be a disaster for women's rights on the Supreme Court

Given the opportunity, the conservative judge would likely be the fifth vote to overrule 'Roe v. Wade'.

Even the best case scenario for Trump’s stolen Supreme Court is a progressive dystopia

The president-elect is likely to entrench conservatives' decades-long rule of the court for another generation.