Christy Rakoczy
Christy Rakoczy

Christy Rakoczy is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and the University of Rochester. She is a full-time writer based in Florida and Pennsylvania.

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How good is your "money hygiene"?

Your responses say a lot about your financial health.

Sept. 19, 2017

Here's how a high credit score can save you $100,000 or more.

7 ways good credit can make you richer.
Sept. 18, 2017

10 hacks to feel motivated on the job — and happier in your free time.

How to feel happy at your job and fight burnout: These work-life hacks will help boost your motivation.
Sept. 12, 2017

The gender wage gap just changed — for the first time in a decade

Here's how the male-female pay gap has changed over time in the United States, according to the latest 2017 census report on income and poverty.
Sept. 12, 2017

How to protect your credit right now — in 3 easy steps

Equifax data breach got you stressed out? Don't panic. Here's what to do and know if your information was hacked: including the pros and cons of setting up a fraud alert.
Sept. 12, 2017

What's better — a 401(k) or an IRA?

Rollover 401(k) moves must be undertaken carefully if you are leaving a job. Here's how to choose between your new employer's 401(k), an IRA or Roth IRA and more.

Sept. 11, 2017

How to work legally in the US if you aren’t a citizen

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants may lose their right to work in the United States. Here's what to know about getting an employment-based visa or permit in 2017.
Sept. 5, 2017

How to get your old medical records for free

Can't find old medical records from a doctor or hospital? Here's how to track down your lost files online and in person — without overpaying.
Sept. 2, 2017

Why you need to unplug from your phone this weekend

Better work-life balance starts with focusing on your IRL life when you can — and shutting down your most distracting devices.
Aug. 31, 2017

You might actually have multiple credit scores — at the same time 

FICO, VantageScore, Score 8... oh my! This is how to check your most important credit scores, actually understand if they are good or bad, and raise them.
Aug. 29, 2017

How shared credit cards trap domestic abuse victims

Those combining finances with a partner need to understand the difference between joint credit card accounts and those with authorized users.

Aug. 29, 2017

CEO pay keeps growing faster than worker wages

7 charts show why the income gap between executives and workers represents a big problem for the United States.
Aug. 28, 2017

This unconscious vocal mistake could hurt your career

Here's how the pitch of your voice can signal dominance and submission — and why it matters.
Aug. 22, 2017

6 gig economy companies with special perks for freelance workers

Increased competition for independent contractors at places like TaskRabbit and Uber has resulted in better benefits.
Aug. 17, 2017

The 10 best things to buy right now

Looking to save money on essentials? The end of summer is the best time to buy everything from laptops to swimsuits.
Aug. 16, 2017

Getting on a plane? Here are your passenger rights.

It may seem like airlines hold all the cards, but you do have rights when it comes to reimbursement for flight delays, seat changes and lost baggage.

Aug. 4, 2017

The 5 sneakiest new scams to watch out for right now

Fraud, ID theft and summer scams abound — and are hard to spot. Here are red flags to watch out for on Facebook, Airbnb and in your text and email inboxes.
Aug. 1, 2017

5 counterintuitive tricks to help you snag a promotion

Get a raise and promotion the clever way: Forget the cliches. Here's how to really impress your boss at work.
Aug. 1, 2017

You might be paying your credit card bill wrong

Credit card statements can be confusing. Here's the difference between two key numbers.
July 27, 2017

3 ways your consumer rights are under attack in 2017

Your right to sue a company or person that harms you is under attack. Find out about three proposed laws that could change your rights.