Jonathan Cristol
Jonathan Cristol

Elizabeth Warren 2020: Could the Mass. senator defeat Trump in the presidential election?

With the 2020 campaign just under 1,400 days away, the time has come to look at the possible democratic candidates. Or has it?

Paul Manafort's ties to Russia are about more than politics. They're also about money.

Paul Manafort has represented clients from diverse industries and with varying ideologies.

Is Ivanka Trump's new White House job a cause for concern?

Ivanka Trump now has an office in the White House and an officially unofficial position as her father's advisor. Does this matter?

Here are the 4 major ongoing investigations into Trump's Russia connections

FBI Director James Comey's confirmation that the bureau is investigating connections between the Trump campaign and Russia adds to the growing list of investigations into Trump's ties.

3 stories from Russian state media you'll probably be hearing from Trump soon

Trump's claim that British intelligence aided Obama's "wiretap" of Trump Tower originated in Russian media. What else might he find there?

What do 'The Apprentice' winners think of President Trump?

Here's where the non-celebrity winners of 'The Apprentice' stand on the 45th president.

All the head-scratching remarks Trump has made about North Korea and Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump blames China for North Korean aggression and has expressed interest in talking to Kim Jong-un.

National security adviser Mike Flynn's ouster: What's a "registered foreign agent"?

Donald Trump's first national security adviser was a "registered foreign agent" of the Turkish government.

4 people who have turned down positions in the Trump administration

There are a variety of reasons to decline senior positions in the Trump administration, including honor, autonomy and straight-up greed.

Trump's actions as president are remarkably consistent with his infamous campaign kickoff speech

Trump's campaign launch in June 2015 is best remembered for his shocking statement about Mexicans. Looking back, it set the tone for many of his future administration's policies.

3 Trump claims that are actually true

Statistically speaking, it would be nearly impossible for everything Trump says to be incorrect. Here are three things he isn't dead-wrong about.


Here's a look at US defense spending from the Ronald Reagan era to Donald Trump

Trump's proposed defense budget increase doesn't explain much. When it comes to the budget numbers, context is everything.

North Korea Threat: 4 approaches Donald Trump could take

Donald Trump has few "good" options for North Korea: He could escalate, negotiate or maintain the status quo.

Trump's 8 differing statements about Russia in just 12 months

Trump's connection to Russia is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and his statements on the subject shed little light on this important relationship.

Trump and Nuclear Weapons: Is the president right about "the nuclear"?

Trump wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but isn't taking steps towards arms reduction. He may not realize the U.S. can modernize and reduce simultaneously.

Here's what world leaders who endorsed President Trump think of him now

The world leaders who endorsed Trump in 2016 stand by him and probably made the right choice for their own political interests.


South China Sea dispute: How China is testing the waters of a Trump presidency

China's artificial islands in the South China Sea show increasing signs of militarization. What can Trump do about it?

Understanding Trump's trade policy in 5 key points

Trump has taken bold action to bring jobs back to the U.S., but so far the results are all smoke and mirrors.

Trump's had ties to Russia for decades — here are the highlights

Trump's connections to Russia and praise of Vladimir Putin are nothing new — they started long before the 2016 campaign.

These are the trade agreements that could seriously change under Trump

The U.S. president has already killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here are some other at-risk deals.