Ally Hirschlag
Ally Hirschlag
July 19, 2017

‘Doctor Who’: The BBC had the perfect response to the backlash over casting a woman Doctor

The Doctor was always destined to become a woman.

July 19, 2017

19 must-see panels and events at San Diego Comic-Con this year

Comic-Con can be overwhelming. This list will give you the highlights.
July 19, 2017

The women of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ deserve better

The first two seasons of David Lynch and Mark Frost's classic '90s show dealt with sexism and violence toward women — but the revival just feels gratuitous.
July 18, 2017

‘Game of Thrones’ Theories: Could dragonglass save Jorah Mormont’s life?

Some Reddit users are arguing the sought-after dragonglass could possibly cure greyscale.
July 17, 2017

6 moments from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 premiere that prove the women have the power

The 'Game of Thrones' women are not going to let men get in their way this season.
July 11, 2017

Why it matters that this ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress spoke candidly about her miscarriage

Miscarriages are common and women should feel like they can talk about them.

July 11, 2017

Charlize Theron pushed herself for ‘Atomic Blonde.’ Here are 6 actresses who did the same.

These women went through more than emotional upheaval for the sake of their roles.
July 10, 2017

Why ‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins’ next movie is so important

It's a story that needs to be told on the big screen today.
July 10, 2017

BET’s ‘Hit the Floor’ isn’t the only show with an all-female writing team

Women are starting to gain ground in TV writing rooms.
June 30, 2017

The 11 best summer movies to watch on Netflix

Sometimes watching a movie indoors is the best remedy for a hot summer day.
June 27, 2017

7 times women in Hollywood pushed back against the pressure to lose weight

They're not here to fit any sort of body standard.

June 26, 2017

‘American Horror Story’ creator Ryan Murphy releases a chilling new clue for season 7

It looks like the election won't be the only scary thing in the spotlight next season.
June 26, 2017

These are the most glowing reviews for 'War for the Planet of the Apes'

It's far from your average summer blockbuster.
June 26, 2017

Will ‘Glow’ be renewed for season 2? Even the cast doesn’t know what’s going on.

No official word yet on this nostalgia-filled new series.
June 26, 2017

We've got a 'Rick and Morty' season 3 update you may or may not like

The show's not canceled, but not much is known about a release date.
June 23, 2017

Harry Potter Weekend: Freeform marathon schedule for June 2017

We could all use the occasional return to Hogwarts.

June 22, 2017

'Glow' Release Time: When to watch the new series on Netflix

The wild new Netflix comedy is coming to small screens on Friday.
June 21, 2017

Everything we know about the 'Downton Abbey' movie

One thing's for sure — we know it's happening.
June 21, 2017

'Power Rangers' gets an 'Honest Trailer,' and it's better than the actual movie

There are so many laugh-out-loud moments, you'll lose count.
June 21, 2017

'Stranger Things' season 2 will follow up on Barb's death

It may not be exactly what fans have been hoping for though.