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Chauncey Alcorn

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Oct. 21, 2017

White supremacists charged with attempted murder of anti-Spencer protester

Witness says the alleged victim was a part of his group’s protest against Richard Spencer and may have been targeted for chasing the "Nazis" off campus.

Oct. 19, 2017

Antifa activists plan to shut down Richard Spencer’s speech at UF. The ADL says that helps Spencer.

"We’re going to cause as much disruption to Richard Spencer as possible."
Oct. 18, 2017

The chilling legal effect that forces colleges to host white supremacists like Richard Spencer

A University of Florida official said providing security for Richard Spencer's event is expected to cost the school more than $500,000.
Oct. 16, 2017

Florida prepares for possible violence ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s UF campus visit

“I find that the threat of a potential emergency is imminent,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said.
Oct. 13, 2017

We asked experts to grade Marvel Comics’ diversity efforts over the last three years

This comes on the heels of the company's 'Legacy' launch, which reverts several iconic characters to their tried-and-true roots.
Oct. 10, 2017

NFL owners and league officials to discuss plan to end anthem controversy

"Everyone involved in the game needs to come together on a path forward," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.
Oct. 4, 2017

“Lone wolf” white male terrorists have increasingly been on the FBI’s radar

At a hearing on Homeland Security five days before the Las Vegas shooting, a Senate subcommittee discussed the threat of white American terrorists.
Oct. 2, 2017

New study shows most Americans disagree with Trump on NFL anthem protests

A majority of those polled, including one-third of Republicans and nine out of 10 Democrats, also said Trump telling football fans to boycott NFL games was inappropriate.
Sept. 28, 2017

Push for more African-American monuments grows amid Confederate statue controversies

"African-Americans are part of American history and they haven’t been recognized as such."
Sept. 27, 2017

Why Ohio’s upcoming voting rights battle could decide 2018 midterms, 2020 White House race

Voting rights advocates say Ohio's "voter records maintenance" process violates the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, which set national guidelines for eligible voters to register to vote.

Sept. 25, 2017

Why “Bodak Yellow” and Cardi B’s place in hip-hop history is now undeniable

She truly is the hottest in the streets.
Sept. 22, 2017

Missouri ACLU sues St. Louis over police tactics used on protesters after Jason Stockley’s acquittal

“People do have a First Amendment right to non-violent protest.”
Sept. 21, 2017

Insurance industry leaders denounce GOP’s new proposed health care bill

"We share the significant concerns of many health care organizations about the proposed Graham-Cassidy bill."
Sept. 21, 2017

NFL ratings are down. Are the pro-Colin Kaepernick boycotts working?

Wall Street analysts already have voiced their concerns about the potential long-term ramifications of the league’s viewership woes.
Sept. 20, 2017

Why BLM activists got on stage with Trump supporters at the Mother of All Rallies in DC

You haven't heard the whole story.

Sept. 15, 2017

Virginia activists fear Richmond Confederate monument rally could turn violent before DC’s MOAR

“Richmond could be worse than Charlottesville.”
Sept. 12, 2017

Michael Bennett’s attorney: White NFL quarterbacks should join in Kaepernick’s anthem protest

"If a white quarterback who has the stature of a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers took to protest, it could have a major impact."
Sept. 9, 2017

Police union leader ripped for saying his members won’t join in Cleveland Browns national anthem

“To totally refuse to participate seems like a contradiction.”
Sept. 6, 2017

Florida sheriff doubles down on threat to jail people with warrants seeking shelter from Irma

"We’re hopeful there would be less fear of going to jail than there would be staying home during a catastrophic storm."