Chauncey Alcorn
Chauncey Alcorn
Contributor, The Movement

Alt-right activists at “Unite the Right 2” sound a lot like Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson

Yet another sign that the alt-right's ideology has become mainstream on the right.

Unite the Right anniversary rally in DC doesn’t go as planned for Jason Kessler and his followers

Some of his supporters weren’t permitted to join him on the grassy green space directly across the street from the White House.

Charlottesville, one year later: Protesters and police clash over Confederate statues and Nazi rally

“They show up to protect the statue as opposed to when they failed to protect the students."

Charlottesville activists defend Antifa’s “active self-defense” tactics ahead of Unite the Right 2.0

"Waiting or being polite or engaging in civil discourse has never worked to stem these violent and oppressive tides."

Heather Heyer’s mom: Daughter’s death in Charlottesville forced white locals to reckon with racism

"There's more acknowledgement of what the black community has been struggling with and working on."

Left-wing news sites censored on Facebook aren’t in favor of banning Alex Jones either

"The idea that it's only far-right conservatives getting restricted and banned by these social media giants just isn't true."

Son of couple who called 911 on black boy mowing lawn accused of threatening black teens with gun

Witnesses say one of the family members flashed a gun. Another called the teens "n*ggers."

Trayvon Martin’s dad: Markeis McGlockton’s death is a direct result of George Zimmerman’s acquittal

“What that acquittal did was empower white supremacists to feel as though they can go out and shoot and kill unarmed black men and say that they were afraid for their lives and get away with it.”

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio won’t commit to firing all the officers involved in Eric Garner’s death

Garner's mother "not satisfied" with NYPD disciplinary trial of two officers involved.

Eric Garner’s mother reacts to NYPD decision to pursue disciplinary trial against her son’s killers

Tuesday was the four-year anniversary of Eric Garner's chokehold death at the hands of New York City police.

Eric Garner’s mother slams NYPD “political posturing” on four-year anniversary of her son’s death

"September is too long to wait," Carr said on the four-year anniversary of Eric Garner's death.

Officer who killed Eric Garner will face NYPD disciplinary trial if DOJ fails to charge him

"Any further delay in moving ahead with our own disciplinary proceedings can no longer be justified," NYPD Deputy Commissioner Lawrence Byrne wrote in a letter to the DOJ.

Black Lives Matter was born five years ago today. Is America better off?

We asked some of the country's most prominent BLM activists. Here's what they said.

Jemele Hill, Candace Owens and the silly myth that black people don’t care about black gun violence

Conservatives keep saying black people don't care about so-called black-on-black crime, but it's a lie.

White Ohio family that called 911 on black boy mowing lawn calls police on him again July 4

The same family has called police an estimated 60 times over 18 years in their predominantly black neighborhood.

Antwon Rose’s parents react with “guarded optimism” after arrest of officer who killed their son

"Ultimately, they are holding out for a conviction and proper sentencing."

Muslim advocates regroup after Supreme Court travel ban ruling

"Our community is devastated. Our morale is really low," activist Linda Sarsour said.

Critics call out Candace Owens’ transphobic views and want Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner to do the same

"You are a man. You have a penis. This isn’t a debate, it’s a mental disorder," Owens tweeted in November.

Free speech champion Jordan Peterson threatens to sue professor over Twitter name calling

Death threats followed a related 'Daily Caller' story on the exchange.