Kelly Kasulis
Kelly Kasulis
Contributor, The Future Is Now

Nagoya is the next big destination for food in Japan

Some of Nagoya's food hits include a grilled eel porridge and pan-fried spaghetti with sausage.

In beauty-obsessed South Korea, plus-size models are fighting to be seen

“Here, it’s all about being skinny. It’s not about curves like boobs or butts. It’s just about being thin."

A guide to India’s color cities, Jaipur and Jodhpur — and what to eat, see and do when you’re there

The pink and blue cities of India offer more than an Instagram opportunity: Their rich histories and delicious delicacies are just part of what make them bucket-list destinations.

Young people are in denial about how much food they waste, researchers say

Americans are notorious for excessive amounts of food waste, but people ages 18 to 24 are thought to be especially guilty.

How wildfires, hurricanes and other disasters worsen the racial wealth gap in America

A new study found that white communities in some of the worst-hit areas gain wealth after natural disasters, while communities of color lose out.

NASA named an asteroid in space after Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul is a star among the stars — literally.

YouTube videos about plastic surgery are likely deceiving millions, study finds

Don't believe everything you hear about those lip fillers or butt implants — especially if you heard it on YouTube.

NASA just launched a historic mission to touch the sun

NASA's solar probe will fly through space for seven years and at 430,000 miles per hour to learn more about the sun.

The term “Snapchat dysphoria” implies something very dark about our society

More and more, plastic surgery patients are seeking the “fuller lips, bigger eyes or a thinner nose” that they see in their edited selfies.

A common bacteria spread in hospitals is becoming resistant to some hand sanitizers, study says

Scientists found that newer strains of a bacteria were more likely to be resistant to our go-to cleaning product: alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Here’s how you can watch the “meteor shower of the year” this weekend

A meteor shower will light up the sky in fiery explosions this weekend.

We already used up Earth’s resources for the year. It’s August.

The planet spent all of its resources for the year — five months ahead of schedule.

This artificial intelligence can guess your personality, just by looking into your eyes

Not only does it show that AI has the potential to read us like books, but it shows that our eyes could actually be portals to our souls.

2017 was the deadliest year on record for people protecting land from agribusiness

An NGO recorded 207 known murders in 2017 related to protecting land from agribusiness.

8% of all male homicides are committed by police, study says — and black men are most at risk

"That’s really striking, to think of police as a major source of homicide deaths. It’s a public health problem," Frank Edwards, the study's author, said.

Why this professor was on a mission to publish his fake study on politician poop

A professor in the U.K. made up a research study on politicians wiping their butts and got it published in a low-quality journal.

You can help name this rover before it gets to Mars

Scientists are crowdsourcing a new name for its ExoMars rover, which will be launched toward the red planet in 2020 with hopes of finding extraterrestrial life.

It’s true — white mass shooters get more sympathy from news media, study says

White mass shooters were 95% more likely to be portrayed as “mentally ill” than black shooters, a recent study found.

A shocking number of people remember a fake first memory, study says

In a recent survey, hundreds of people claimed their first memory dates back to an impossibly young age.