Megan Carpentier
Megan Carpentier

How Republicans’ tort reform laws leave sexual assault victims behind

When conservatives pass laws to cap "pain and suffering" awards in lawsuits, assault survivors have to fight to show they're hurt enough to qualify for damages.

Of course Joss Whedon is an imperfect feminist. Everyone is.

The ex-wife of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' creator alleged that he was a profligate philanderer. Now, his artistic legacy is up for debate.

Is it really a breakup until you’ve gotten your period?

Your relationship might be over, but your body has one last chance to betray you.

Debate: Is ‘Dunkirk’ director Christopher Nolan the best or the worst filmmaker of our time?

Mic asked two staff members to debate the relative merits of award-winning director Christopher Nolan and his movies.

Debate: Are the Donald Trump Jr. emails really a smoking gun?

'Mic' asked two pundits to debate whether President Donald Trump's son's correspondence about a meeting with a Russian lawyer are worthy of the mass attention they're receiving.

Because of Ms. Sheila Michaels, we are almost in a post-Miss world

One woman is widely credited with spurring the popular adoption of the honorific Ms.


Debate: Did CNN blackmail the redditor who created Trump’s media-punching GIF?

'Mic' asked two writers to debate whether Andrew Kaczynski was in the wrong when he withheld the meme-maker's name while saying he might use it later.

Roxane Gay's 'Hunger' is a confession, a learning experience and a revelation

The new memoir from the author of 'Bad Feminist' is a searing look at the traumas that, to the author, shaped her life.

Recycle, reuse: how the largest theatrical costume collection went green — and stayed that way

When small, nonprofit theatres need theatrical costumes, they look to the nonprofit costume collection at the Theatre Development Fund.

The world's most famous Bush impersonator showed up at Sam Bee's big Washington event

Will Ferrell made a surprise appearance at Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Donald Trump quit the White House correspondents dinner, so Samantha Bee stepped up

The celebrities are ditching the official event for Samantha Bee's potty-mouthed counter-programming.