Brandon Presser
Brandon Presser
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Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is overshadowed by the Great Barrier Reef — but it’s just as awe-inspiring

Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, the diving and snorkeling sites of the Ningaloo are right along the coast — and you can walk into the water and explore.

Puerto Rico is open for business, with some help from Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda will once again step into the role of Hamilton with 24 performances in January.

The 10 best Japanese convenience store souvenirs, from organic shampoo to noodle-stuffed hot dogs

Japan's convenience stores — also known as "konbini" — sell food, makeup products, hangover cures and more.

“Please don’t come to Africa and build a school”: What I learned from a relief mission in Chad

Chad is one of the top 10 destinations requiring urgent aid and has the some of the worst poverty and food insecurity in the world.

This is the future of LGBTQ travel

We asked a panel of LGBTQ travel experts to envision what travel looks like in 2030, from inclusive beach getaways to international escapes.

I traveled to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to have dinner with an entire country of 50 people

One writer traveled by freighter to Pitcairn, an island in the Pacific halfway between New Zealand and Peru, for a meal with the whole country.

South Koreans are projected to live longer than everyone else — and their food is just one reason

The fermentation in popular Korean foods like kimchi is only one of the factors in the country's high life-expectancy rate.

Despite what we see in the US, there’s much more to Korean food than barbecue and fried chicken

With all eyes on South Korea during the Olympics, we asked two chefs to clear up the misconception that Korean cuisine is all about meat.

2018 Winter Olympics: 7 green spaces in Seoul that are way more impressive than New York’s High Line

The South Korean capital is home to some of the world's most design-forward and innovative public spaces.

Why Slovenian wines — which rival the ones from Italy and France — have long been overlooked

You should be buying wines from this region, considered one of the best in the world.

This is what it’s like to ride in a self-driving Uber

Uber riders in two cities in the U.S. have access to the new technology.

Meet the 25-year-old who plays the cello for beluga whales in northern Canada

The belugas crane their necks above the water's surface and ring their sonars in response to the music — making it impossible not to think about the compelling link between man and animal.

An exclusive look inside Denmark’s epic new Lego House

Lego fans, book your ticket ASAP for this immersive museum and theme park.

A definitive guide for choosing where to go on your first African safari

If your typical vacations include beaches, road trips, cities or giving back, let that inform where you choose to safari.

A brief history of the gayest places in America — and how they came to be

From the dunes of the Cape to ritzy Palm Springs, here's how these destinations became gay meccas across the United States.

Young brewers and baristas are living the dream in a quiet Canadian village

In a remote northeastern corner of Canada, young entrepreneurs are finally putting down roots — giving travelers a reason to head to this sleepy fishing town.

Why is everyone traveling to Iceland?

Here's how the Land of Fire and Ice became so popular — and what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes as other travelers.