Jeb Lund
Jeb Lund

I’m not scared of nuclear war with North Korea. I just don’t trust anyone in power to prevent one.

Who do I understand even more than North Korea and trust much less? Every single other player in what MSNBC’s Chris Hayes dubbed “The Stupid Missile Crisis.”

Anthony Scaramucci’s no good, very bad day proves being rich doesn’t make you good at your job

The Mooch is grandly inept at being the White House communications director — maybe because he's never had to be good at anything.

Don’t cry for Sean Spicer. He knew what he was doing when he took a job working for Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, the former press secretary took a job telling lies in support of a terrible president. Next, he'll probably take a more lucrative one and continue to defend him.

Everyone is now required to have an opinion about Kathy Griffin: Here are 6 acceptable ones

After posting a picture of herself with a fake severed Trump head, the comedian has now obligated us all to pay attention to her. That was the point.