Jennifer Gerson
Jennifer Gerson

Why Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation could be a blow to women’s economic stability

While a flurry of attention has been paid to what a Kavanaugh confirmation would mean for reproductive rights, his record means that women could be dealt yet another significant blow.

Plaintiffs in abortion cases currently in the court system: “We can’t be afraid”

For plaintiffs in abortion cases currently in the court system, the retirement of Anthony Kennedy does not signal a need to shift legal strategy, but to continue to amplify the issues at stake.

Restaurants and immigration: We talked to chefs about the impact of ICE raids on their businesses

Restaurants — with a workforce made up largely of immigrants — have long been at the center of the immigration debate.

The “tragic irony” of Texas’ abortion process for minors

To be granted a judicial bypass in Texas, a teen must go before a judge for a hearing. Here, she must convince the judge that she’s mature enough to decide for herself. But she has some help.

The ‘Bachelor’ franchise has never been more cynical — or successful at romance

Maybe the shows being honest about what they are has made it easier for the people who are there for the right reasons to find each other.

The fight for the last abortion clinic in Kentucky

“How do you take something like upholding freedom of speech and let people also receive health care in a safe environment?”

Why pro-life doctors want the First Amendment to protect their right to lie to patients

Crisis pregnancy centers believe they should be exempt from a law saying they should inform patients about all their medical options, including abortions.

How eating ice cream became a political power play

The national dessert is a uniting force in American history.

Jon Ossoff's loss is a blow. But for Georgia liberals, being so close is a hard-won victory.

When I was a kid, I dodged anti-abortion protesters on my way to school. Seeing a pro-choice Democrat come so close to winning shows how much has changed in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.