Chantel Simpson
Chantel Simpson

How Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son is using cryptocurrency to honor his dad’s legacy

Barsun Jones proposed Dirty Coin, a digital currency to help support up-and-coming artists.

21 Savage wants to help kids save money, one bank account at a time

The rapper gave $1,000 to 21 students nationwide.

‘Talk Hole’ is a comedy show where queer and female comedians shine

There’s no greater joke than performing for an audience that doesn’t understand your worldview. Talk Hole is here to change that.

Meet the Radical Visibility Collective, a group uplifting queer people with disabilities

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How Fat Girls Dance is dismantling stigmas toward fat bodies

Fat Girls Dance is a global group of fat women who are challenging people’s perceptions of what they can do through dance.

The Era is using dance to save Chicago’s black youth from violence

The Era Footwork Crew is avoiding gang violence by bringing dance to the streets.

You don’t have be to an activist to resist

Grammy Award-winning singer Lalah Hathaway uses her music as an avenue for activism.

What it’s like to live with chronic pain

Spoken-word poet Andrea Gibson can attest to the debilitating nature of Lyme disease. She uses poetry as a recourse and a way to face her suffering head-on.