Tom Burson
Tom Burson
Freelance writer, Out of Office

The bizarre experience of dining at an illegal North Korean restaurant

The chain restaurant funnels cash back to North Korea — and eating there is an ethical struggle.

A quirky art exhibition in Berlin imagines what the future of food will look like

The world is changing — and so is food. In this exhibition, chickens wear VR headsets to experience pastoral life and huge slabs of "meat" are actually made from seaweed.

Tarantulas, fire ants and other bugs go from street food to gourmet dishes in Cambodia

Fried tarantulas are so popular, they’ve become an expensive delicacy like caviar.

How the meat-loving city of Ghent became the veggie capital of Europe

San Fran, São Paulo and many other cities around the world are taking notes from this vegetable-forward metropolis.