Luke O'Neil
Luke O'Neil

Teens painted hate speech on a high school. Instead of criminal charges, officials hope for healing.

Arlington, Massachusetts, is using a restorative justice approach to send a message to the offenders and members of the community.

‘Ready Player One’ tries to race past politics. That’s the problem.

Steven Spielberg's latest adventure flick nods toward social issues, but doesn't really engage with them — and that's why it feels like a win for Gamergate.

Yes, Netflix’s ‘Bright’ is as messy about race relations as you thought it’d be

And critics are rightly roasting the movie.

HeartMob is a literal safe space for victims of online abuse

The recently launched service acts as a support system for people who don't have a community, or "whose abuse is happening in silence," according to HeartMob co-founder Emily May.

Grammys 2018: Women were almost entirely shut out of the rock categories. And there’s no excuse.

Out of 25 nominations in the major rock categories, only two went to female artists.

Morrissey’s fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments

The crooner has a long history of making controversial comments — but his latest remarks might have crossed the line for some of his disciples.

Danica Roem, newly elected transgender Virginia delegate, has a thrash-metal band — and it’s awesome

Her band, Cab Ride Home, released its latest album, 'Crash the Gate,' in April.