Josh Ocampo
Josh Ocampo
Reporter, Out of Office

The problem with cashless restaurants

A 2015 study found 360,000 households in New York City did not have access to a credit card.

Maui is coming out of Oahu’s shadow, thanks to its quiet beaches and great restaurants

Fresh produce, poke and fried mochi dipped in pâté are just a few foods you can sample on the tropical island.

From Nixon to Trump, a history of the White House gingerbread home

“The problem with this kind of tradition is you sort of feel like you have to top yourself every year,” Bill Yosses, the former White House executive pastry chef, said.

Stories That Pay Off: The best Cyber Monday deals for clothing, electronics and more

Get discounts from Apple, Amazon and Walmart, to name a few.

Twitter bans far-right activist Laura Loomer for Islamophobic tweet

The tweet in question referred to Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar as “anti-Jewish” and referred to Muslim women as “abused and forced to wear the hijab.”

Obama visits a food bank, Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago: Here’s how politicians are spending Thanksgiving

Barack Obama surprises a food bank and President Donald Trump golfs.

This Week in Food and Travel: The best Thanksgiving-themed episodes to watch this holiday weekend

The Thanksgiving episodes of 'Friends,' 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Cheers' all prove that family conflict at the dinner table is universal.

How Native Americans spend Thanksgiving: “This is a time that is a funeral for a lot of us”

For indigenous people, this revisionist Thanksgiving story is whitewashed and erases a long history of tragedy associated with the holiday,

Food, family and fights: How the sitcom Thanksgiving has — and hasn’t — changed over time

From food fights to raw turkeys, here are some of the most memorable Thanksgiving meals in sitcom history.

Stories That Pay Off: The desperate and hilarious ways cities begged for Amazon HQ

Not everyone is happy about the new Amazon headquarters.

IndictMint Chip and White Russian: This Mueller-themed ice cream truck is giving away free scoops

The truck wants to bring extra attention to Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's Russian ties.

This Week in Food and Travel: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent most of her campaign waiting tables

Obama scooped at Baskin Robbins and Rahm Emanuel lost a finger at Arby's.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barack Obama and 10 other politicians who worked at restaurants

Flipping burgers, waiting tables, even losing a finger — here are the politicians who previously worked in food service.

This man wouldn’t stop holding up Trump signs at Disney — and now he’s banned for life

Dion Cini had been a Disney season pass holder for 26 years.

7-Eleven may be outing its undocumented workers to ICE

7-Eleven has investigated its own stores through the use of hidden cameras, secret listening devices and surveillance trucks disguised as plumbing vehicles.

Maui’s Filipino food scene doesn’t get the attention it deserves — that’s about to change

At Filipino restaurants like Abby Ferrer's Star Noodle and Sheldon Simeon's Lineage, the food is completely inspired by family.

Stories That Pay Off: Taylor Swift and other celebs ride the blue wave in midterm elections

Taylor Swift has come out in support of Tennessee Democratic candidates.

Food and Politics: Sports bars are the place to watch the midterms; Kids take candy from Trump

In other food and politics news: Trump gives kids Twizzlers and Congressman Steve King can't believe it's not butter.

This Week in Food and Travel: CBD is more than the next great wellness trend

CBD-infused everything, Hawaii's sugar donuts, millennial hotel brands and more.