Josh Ocampo
Josh Ocampo
Reporter, Out of Office

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barack Obama and 10 other politicians who worked at restaurants

Flipping burgers, waiting tables, even losing a finger — here are the politicians who previously worked in food service.

This man wouldn’t stop holding up Trump signs at Disney — and now he’s banned for life

Dion Cini had been a Disney season pass holder for 26 years.

7-Eleven may be outing its undocumented workers to ICE

7-Eleven has investigated its own stores through the use of hidden cameras, secret listening devices and surveillance trucks disguised as plumbing vehicles.

Maui’s Filipino food scene doesn’t get the attention it deserves — that’s about to change

At Filipino restaurants like Abby Ferrer's Star Noodle and Sheldon Simeon's Lineage, the food is completely inspired by family.

Stories That Pay Off: Taylor Swift and other celebs ride the blue wave in midterm elections

Taylor Swift has come out in support of Tennessee Democratic candidates.

Food and Politics: Sports bars are the place to watch the midterms; Kids take candy from Trump

In other food and politics news: Trump gives kids Twizzlers and Congressman Steve King can't believe it's not butter.

This Week in Food and Travel: CBD is more than the next great wellness trend

CBD-infused everything, Hawaii's sugar donuts, millennial hotel brands and more.

Ben and Jerry’s new “Pecan Resist” flavor takes direct aim at Trump administration

An anti-Trump ice cream is fudgy and filled with nuts.

How malasada, a Portuguese sugar donut, became Hawaii’s favorite dessert

Tourists and locals alike line up for malasadas, which often come coated in powdered sugar.

Food and Politics: Beto O’Rourke crashes a wedding; Jared Kushner’s brother eats cake

Joshua Kushner served a Milk Bar cake at his wedding while Beto O'Rourke crashed one.

This Week in Food and Travel: Bartenders talk about dealing with addiction and anxiety

Bartending while sober, Andrew Zimmern on immigration, a pesticide in your cereal and more.

All-gender access and floor-to-ceiling walls: The world’s most inclusive bathroom is here

Completely enclosed stalls, changing tables and space to practice ablution are a few elements incorporated in this inclusive restroom.

A poop study finds plastic in our bodies — and doctors are concerned

“This is the first study of its kind and confirms what we have long suspected, that plastics ultimately reach the human gut."

A Canadian university is preparing students for careers in pot

From proper lighting to pest management, this university is teaching students the art of growing pot.

Tucker Carlson is the latest conservative having trouble dining out at restaurants

“I can’t really go to a lot of restaurants anymore because I get yelled at,” the Fox News host said.

At Japanese restaurant Zauo, diners “fish” for their own dinner

The lobsters, along with rockfish and flounder, are caught using a hook rod, not unlike a claw crane at an arcade, intended to simulate fishing.

Stories that Pay Off: Navigating the challenges of coming out at work

Transitioning at work, inclusivity in corporate America, discrimination in the office and more.

Food and Politics: Trump and Kanye West’s lunch; White House french fries are the “best”

President Donald Trump and Kanye West had a power lunch, Donald Trump Jr. met Salt Bae, Beto O'Rourke has a burger mural and more.

This Week in Food and Travel: LaCroix doesn’t have insecticides — here’s what’s in the popular water

LaCroix and insecticides, Japanese convenience stores, service animals and more.

Trump’s new law protects travelers with disabilities — but advocates worry it might be meaningless

Here's what disability rights advocates would like to see in the new bill.