Michael De Los Santos
Michael De Los Santos

Tea Party Leaders Want the FEC to Treat Them Like Civil Rights Heroes

Obviously, not being able to spend as much money as you want to buy an election without disclosing the names of your donors is JUST like fighting for civil rights in the 1960s.


Immigration Reform 2013 Could Be Poisoned By the Debt Ceiling Fight

Despite the need and public demand for immigration reform in 2013, the current government stalemate and debt ceiling fight are wreaking havoc on our progress.

Inside Delaware's Groundbreaking Plan To Get Poor Kids To Top Schools

Delaware's move to increase the number of poor students who apply to best colleges in the land could serve as a model, but in reality does little to increase the probability of success for them.

U.S. News' College Rankings Are Nonsense, Here's Why

Rankings do more harm than good by driving up the costs of secondary education, making need based aid harder to obtain, and ignoring the true reason for college – jobs.

Defund Obamacare? Inside the Doomed Republican Plan to Shatter the Health Care Law

The government shutdown strategy has moved the debate to Republicans versus Republicans. As a result, this strategy is not only setup for failure but more than more than likely will backfire.

Father's Day 2013: Let's Increase the Value Of This Day

Father's Day is typically less heralded than Mother's Day. If we change this, can we make a dent in the epidemic of absent fathers?


Sequestration 2013: Unemployment Benefits Become the New Focus Of Fiscal Responsibility

Regardless of the reasoning, cutting unemployment benefits at a time when job creation is happening at a crawl if at all, will push us further into a recession rather than lifting us out.

Obama Budget 2014: President Attempts and Fails At Compromise

The president promises that this is a compromise budget addressing the deficit and growing the economy. As always, the devil is in the details and the details outrage everyone.

Thousands Of Young Americans Are Being Exploited For Labor By A "Nonprofit" Organization

The NCAA is hypocrisy at its finest, using athletes as a means to profit while providing no compensation and limiting their choices for achieving success.

March Madness 2013: What Are the 4 Best Home Courts in America?

If we took play on the court out of the equation and decided who would be the national champion based solely on the raucousness of their home crowd, would the Final Four look different?

Budget 2013: What If the Federal Budget Reflected Public Opinion?

Congress is closer than ever to passing a budget for the first time in Obama's presidency. But what would happen if their proposal actually reflected what Americans think should happen?


America's Poor Shouldn't Expect Much Help From Congress

An anti-poverty contract has the potential to help the millions of Americans in poverty, but due to the political climate in this country it more than likely will not help anyone.

Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Need to Do What is Right For America

House Republicans need to stop rowing against the current and join the rising tide towards comprehensive immigration reform.

Harvard NCAA Tournament Win Proves Ivy League Sports Are No Joke

Harvard just won its first ever NCAA tournament. With high graduation rates and success on the playing field, Ivy League schools are the best places for athletes to attend school.

New York Stop and Frisk Trial: 'Stop and Frisk' is Not Only Racist, But Also Ineffective

'Stop and Frisk' is not reducing crime in New York City. Instead, the controversial policy is creating a barrier for law enforcement to solve existing crimes.

DOMA: If You're Pro-Marriage, You Should Be For Marriage Equality

The documented benefits of marriage are only enhanced by allowing more people to get married. This would make the institution stronger.


Claire McCaskill Gay Marriage Turnaround is a Sign Of the Changing Political Narrative

Senator Claire McCaskill's (D-Mo.) support of marriage equality should not be a surprise, but is newsworthy thanks to an upcoming Supreme Court case and conservative Missourians.

What Women's Poverty Actually Looks Like

Even with all the advancement women have made in education and labor, they make less money than men and are more likely to live in poverty than men.

How Kentucky's 2012 March Madness Run Helped Me Through the Hardest Time In My Life

March Madness allowed me to bond with my baby boy, who was born with severe heart complications but would always wake up when Kentucky's game came on TV, even when sedated.

Sequester 2013: Sequestration Cuts Will Have a Devastating Impact On America's Poor

Everyone will be impacted one way or another by the sequester but no one will be impacted quite like the poor, all while the fat cats in Washington who got us into this position remain unscathed.