Lily Bolourian
Lily Bolourian

The Brutal Murder of Sanaz Nezami is A Warning Sign For America

We can't keep silent about domestic violence.


Face It, Washington Fans: Your Team's Name is Racist

Washington can do better.

5 Things You Should Know About Women in Middle Eastern and North African Nations

Middle Eastern women are often seen as docile, oppressed, and subservient to the Western world, but that could not be further from the truth.

Why is the Workplace So Unsafe For Abortion Providers?

Dr. George Tiller's tragic murder four years ago continues to serve as a sobering reality of the violence inflicted regularly upon reproductive health care providers.

1 in 8 Black Men Are Currently in Prison in Wisconsin

According to an alarming new study, black men in Wisconsin are incarcerated at nearly double the national average.

Maryland Abolishes Death Penalty, Becomes First State South Of the Mason-Dixon Line to Do So

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed into law Wednesday the repeal of the state's death penalty, set to take effect on October 1st.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Advice From One Survivor to Another

A sexual assault survivor explains how after an assault, it can get better.

Bookmark This the Next Time You Think That Feminism is Over

We've hit snags, seen gloomy days, but is the feminist movement over? Don't bet on it.

UN Report Classifies Lack Of Access to Abortion as "Torture"

In his annual report on violation and cruel treatment, the UN's special rapporteur on torture defines denial of abortion access as tantamount to "torture."

North Dakota Personhood Amendment Passes House

The "personhood" bill, the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation, heads to the 2014 ballot for a vote by citizens.

Iranian New Year 2013: Celebrate These Persian Women Who Have Fought For Equality

Wednesday marked the Iranian New Year. Here are women, past and present, who have contributed to the fight for equality in Iran, giving hope for the future and many more Iranian New Years.

Lena Dunham: Why's She a Feminist Icon Instead of Beyoncé?

Lena Dunham has taken the world by storm, that's for sure. But she's a feminist and Bey isn't? Not buying it.

Quvenzhané Wallis Onion Tweet Sign Of Society's Shameful Treatment Of Black Girls

The Onion's tweet about Ms. Wallis is a symptom of a long standing problem with how society views and treats women and girls of color.

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo’s Passion For Equality Makes Us All Better

Brendon Ayanbadejo's ability to combine sportsmanship with activism through campaigning for marriage equality makes the sports industry better.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Why I Am Not Satisfied After 40 Years

My mother never dreamt that her daughters would have to fight for the right to bodily autonomy. Heck, even my grandmother did not.

The Violence Against Women Act Saved This College Student's Life

The Violence Against Women Act has been a bipartisan bill since its inception. Today, it's nonexistent after the GOP let it die. A sexual assault survivor explains what the bill meant to her.


Top 5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Political Career in 2013

Politics can be one intimidating sport, but enacting change may not be as daunting as it seems.

Kasandra Perkins: How Feminism Failed Jovan Belcher Victim

If it's too hard for feminists to understand how important inclusion is, then for the sake of women like domestic violence victim Kasandra Perkins, let the movement fall off the cliff.

Election 2012 Vote Results Prove Obama is the First Feminist President

Those who called Obama the first gay president are wrong. He is, instead, the first feminist one.

Lena Dunham Racism: How Caitlin Moran Exemplifies the Problem of Feminist Privilege

Author Caitlin Moran's book How To Be a Woman has been hailed as a feminist masterpiece, but as her comments on Lena Dunham show, she fails to realize that intersectionality is key to feminism.