Stephanie Hill
Stephanie Hill

Meet Author Jennie Wood, Whose Gender-Bending Hero is Changing the Face Of Comics

What if a boy trapped in a girl's body could shape-shift? Jennie Wood's new graphic novel is an inventive look at gender and sexuality.

Lucy Knisley's Comics Communicate the Millennial Soul

In her autobiographical webcomic, Stop Paying Attention, and her books 'Relish' and 'French Milk,' Lucy Knisley mines everyday life for meaning and joy.

Wolverine Movie Trailer: Why Animal Insticts Make For More Compelling Human Heros

The best character, with the most consistently excellent use of the world "flamin'" is back in a new movie that will be completely worth it.

The 5 Comics You Should Be Reading in 2013

There are too many comics out there for there to be an authoritative list of the best, but these ones are really, really good.

Reading the Classics Will Make You Better at Gaming

Reading Austen, Shakespeare and Tolstoi will improve your brain function and make you better at theories of games and economic behavior. True story.

'Batgirl' Comic: Transgender Character is a Good Start, But Not Enough?

Gail Simone's "Batgirl" title now features a transgender character. That's nice, but is there anything else to her? And does this make up for Barbara Gordon leaving her wheelchair behind?

Why is It So Easy For Millennials to Fall in Love Online?

Without the obstacles of mundane physicality, crushing on someone on the internet is too easy.

In An Online World, is There Still a Future For Comic Books?

As long as people are willing to pay money to hold something that they love in their hands, to see a page laid out the way it was drawn, comics will be just fine.

Oscars 2013: Why James Bond Cannot Win An Oscar

A Globe Trotting, Debonair Spy with a License to Kill? You didn't build that!

Gangster Squad Movie Review: Seriously Violent, But Not Worse Than 'The Iliad'

'Gangster Squad' may be violent, but isn't any worse than some of the major literary works in history.

Cory Booker 2014: Newark Mayor Would Make a Better Senator Than Governor

Newark Mayor Cory Booker looks set to run against 88-year-old incumbent Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) in 2014, rather than facing off against New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Django Unchained Trailer and Movie Review: Quentin Tarantino's Violence is Unnecessary

Quentin Tarantino's newest film 'Django Unchained' is coming to a movie theater near you on December 25. The question that remains is, is that quintessential Tarantino violence still defensible?

Marvel and DC Comics Control the Comic Book World, But Did You Know it Used to Be Belgium

Belgium is trying to regain its place in an increasingly global comic book industry. Is internationalization crushing local comics?

Skyfall 007 Review: Latest James Bond Installment Places Him in a Gritty, Modern World

The James Bond character was created over 50 years ago by Ian Flemming. In that time the movie cannon has grown. The latest installment strives to remain realistic and relevant.

Legalize Marijuana: Polls Say Washington Initiative 502 and Colorado Amendment 64 Will Pass

Advocates for marijuana legalization make a lot of big promises, and it looks like they could get their chance to live up to them this Tuesday.

Assassins Creed III Review: A Great Game for Everyone, Especially History Buffs

Ubisoft scores another winner, possibly because they put everything you might want to do or know into each game.


McDonalds Admits Health and Nutrition is Not a Factor In Their Business Model

McDonald's is ready to answer any question about their food, but 1,000-plus calorie meals speak for themselves.

Arrow TV Show Premiere Review: The CW Puts its Best Bow Forward

Why CW's new show "Arrow," based off the comic "Green Arrow," could be the right TV superhero for the world after Occupy Wall Street.

James Bond Day and Skyfall Movie Trailer: Why Agent 007 Deserves His Own Holiday

At long last, Agent 007 gets his own holiday.

The Dark Knight Rises Came from a Comic Book But Not All Comic Books are Superhero Stories

When we think of comic books we think of superheroes, but that shouldn't be the case. How about "Maus"? A comic recounting the journey of a Holocaust survivor. Comics offer more than we imagine.