Katie Halper
Katie Halper

10 Things You Didn't Know About the March On Washington

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech didn't originally include the line "I have a dream"?


Chelsea Manning's Next Battle: Being A Trans Woman In An All-Male Prison

As if a 35 year sentence for blowing the whistle on crimes committed by the U.S. military weren't enough, Chelsea Manning now faces the injustice of serving her sentence in an all-male prison.

Sex Box: Why Sex Drive-Ins Are Good For Women

Zurich's new prostitution “drive-in sex boxes” may sound exploitative, but they could actually improve the safety and lives of sex workers.

How Kitchen Spoons Can Stop Forced Marriage

An organization in the U.K. is encouraging would-be forced marriage victims to put spoons in their underwear. This is why.

For These Police, Calling Rape Victims Liars is Just Part Of the Job

If you had reported a rape last week, Virginia police would have officially and automatically classified you as a liar.

Putin's War On Gays: A Timeline of Homophobia

The chronology of the anti "homosexual propaganda" movement.

Wish the Internet Was Just Porn? There's a Filter For That

One hacker had a creative response to his country's crack down on on-line porn. And, like all great responses, it involves penis firewalls.

11 Best Quotes From 'Orange is the New Black'

If you're going through "Orange is the New Black" withdrawal, take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and look at these great quotes and GIFs from the show.

How Topless Women Protesters are Actually Helping Russia's Anti-Gay Campaign

The FEMEN protesters who scaled the walls of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm may have done it to protest Russia's homophobic laws. But they're hurting the cause, not helping it.

Why Anthony Weiner's Scandal Doesn't Matter But Republican Ones Do

As a socially liberal politician, Anthony Weiner is not being a hypocrite when he sexts. When conservative Republicans engage in behavior they try to legislate, they are.

The Royal Baby Girl Who Could Have Made History

While some are ridiculously praising Kate Middleton for giving birth to a boy, a girl would have made history as the first female to automatically inherit the crown.


Stevie Wonder Stands Strong Against Stand Your Ground

Stevie Wonder won't perform in Florida or in states with "Stand Your Ground Laws."

Watch This White Woman Attack A Black Singer For Dedicating Song to Trayvon Martin

It's one thing to believe George Zimmerman is innocent. It's another thing to physically attack someone who dedicates a song to Trayvon Martin.

You Won't Believe What This Woman Said About Her 11-Year-Old Daughter After She Was Raped

A mother claims the relationship between her boyfriend and her child is consensual.

The Two Videos That Every Woman In America Needs To See

In one video, Dustin Hoffman breaks into tears. In another video, Amy Schumer will make you bust out laughing, and both of them deal with women's self-esteem.

15 Breathtaking Images Of the Protest that Changed Egypt Forever

In breaking news, the Egyptian army has suspended the constitution and removed President Morsi. Here are some stunning pictures of the mass protest that made this happen.

The 6 Most Amazing Facial Expressions From Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis responds to the ridiculous things uttered by anti-choicers during and after her 11-hour filibuster.

5 Reasons Wendy Davis is Even More Badass Than You Thought

Some things you probably didn't know about the amazing State Senator who filibustered Texas's abortion laws.

8 Of This Week's Best (Er, "Best") Right-Wing Nutjob Quotes

These statements are just to good —I mean, offensive — to miss. Enjoy.

12 Best Responses to the Dumbest Homophobic Protest Signs

We may not know which way the Supreme Court will swing, so to speak, on DOMA. But if protest signs determined it, DOMA would be overruled in a second.