Joseph Kaifala
Joseph Kaifala
Dec. 6, 2013

I Have Come To Bury Mandela

I have come to bury Mandela, for what songs of praise there were to sing, I have already sung.

Nov. 20, 2013

The Nelson Mandela 'Shuffle' Will Be One of His Great Legacies

It's so much more than a dance move.
Nov. 14, 2013

Investing in Toilets Isn't Sexy, But It Could Help Save the World

Grassroots organization understand the issues that really make a difference on the ground.
Sept. 30, 2013

It's Official: Charles Taylor Will Spend the Rest Of His Life Rotting in Jail

The Appeals Chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone has rejected an appeal by former Liberian President Charles Taylor against his conviction for crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone.
Sept. 17, 2013

Kenya Seeks to Withdraw From the ICC — A Potentially Disastrous Move

Kenya’s attempt to withdraw from the Rome Statute undermines its standing as one of the few respected African countries in terms of law and order on the continent.
Sept. 9, 2013

Syria Chemical Weapons Are a "Red Line," and America Must Step Up

The UN claims to be the moral authority of the world, but when that moral authority is compromised by political trading on the lives of civilians, then the world needs America.

Aug. 29, 2013

School Not Going So Great? These Liberian Students Can Sympathize

There may be no freshmen at the University of Liberia this academic year after all 25,000 students who took the university entrance examination failed the test.
July 7, 2013

Mandela and Me: Living in the Shadow Of the Black Pimpernel

Throughout my frustrations with contemporary African leadership, I was looking for any sign of our ability to lead our people. I found Mandela — a leader I could reckon with.
June 18, 2013

International Criminal Court: Why Is the African Union Getting In the Way Of Investigating Election Fraud?

African leaders have again accused the International Criminal Court of witch-hunting Africans because of their race
June 7, 2013

African Union: Will We Ever See An Africa United to Fix Its Many Problem?

Africa has long been a pariah of underdevelopment, and it is high time our leaders started work towards providing people with the human dignity they deserve.
May 13, 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenyan President Should Face Prosecutors At the ICC For Crimes Against Humanity

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is attempting to shrink away from international scrutinty by appealing to the UN Security Council for political help. But charges must be pressed, nonetheless.

Feb. 16, 2013

Mali Civil War: Why Can't France Let Africa Take Care of Its Own Business?

The current French-led intervention in Mali might be commendable - but it is usurping an African-led mandate. Why can't France let Africa take care of its own business?
Nov. 15, 2012

Mali Rebel Coup Crisis Has Forced Africa to Rethink Its Stance on Democracy

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has unanimously agreed on a 3,300 strong intervention force to retake Northern Mali from Islamist rebels.
Oct. 12, 2012

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi on Trial: The International Criminal Court Has No Business Usurping the Government of Libya

What use does it serve the Libyans to ship their accused to The Hague when their national tribunal assures us that it is capable and willing to render justice both for the accused and Libyan?
July 18, 2012

Mandela Day 2012: South Africa Still Has a Long Way to Go to Achieve Liberty

In his public service days, Mandela was a benevolent dictator; one whose actions were always taken in anticipation of those he served. He believes in leadership on the periphery.
May 7, 2012

Libya — Not the International Court — Should Bring Former Leaders to Justice

The ICC should withdraw its warrants and let the Libyan criminal system render justice for the Libyan people. Ultimately, the justice needed in Libya is that which the Libyan people demand.

April 26, 2012

Charles Taylor Verdict: In Sierra Leone, 99 Days For a Thief, Just 1 for Police

The Court found Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting rebels on all counts, but the prosecution failed to prove that he had command and control over the rebels.
April 24, 2012

The Ghosts of Africa's Military Past

Recent coups in Mali and Guinea Bissau reawakened a ghost of Africa's past many of us thought had been long laid to rest. Africa's wish in the 21st. century is ballots not bullets.
March 16, 2012

Congo Warlord Thomas Lubanga Conviction at ICC is Worth the Hefty Price Tag

After many years of trial, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has finally come down with a verdict against the Congolese warlord, Thomas Lubanga.
Jan. 22, 2012

Into the Heart of Darkness: Why Terms Like "Child Slavery" Are Offensive and Damn Africa

CNN routinely calls Congo the "rape capital of the world" and reports on "child slaves," but the real problems in Africa are poverty and lack of development.